PayRule: Simplifying the Labor Law Puzzle

CIO Vendor The makings of strong Labor laws in the country have been in the nascent stage for many a decades. Governments have changed hands less often than promises of better Labor laws have been made. This has affected not only the general public but also the corporate sector. The scope for a streamlined way to address issues pertaining to labour laws encompassing the Indian enterprise market is high and thus companies resort to taking the help of consultants adept at dealing with these challenges.
Necessity Is the Mother of Invention
Not long after finishing his post graduation from Coventry University, London, Darshan Balai, a commerce graduate and a CA, got engrossed in a PF matter of his family's business and acknowledged that there was a need for a professional approach to handle such issues. This led him to found PayRule, a provider of corporate solutions in labour laws, payroll management and employee tax management.
“In India government rules and regulations pertaining to labor laws and compliances change very often creating an 'administration crevice' in the business sector. Through PayRule I wanted to address these complexities faced by businesses,” adds Darshan. The fundamental intention was to convey quality and time-bound administration in the niche section of labor law compliance.
The functional strategy of any organization is to work towards leadership, performance, management, tracking compensation and benefits, reward programs and statutory compliance. These non-core activities consume a considerable time and resource of an enterprise. PayRule works to simplifying these processes so that clients can focus on their core functions.

Rendering Adept Services
PayRule provides end to end arrangements in payroll management and labor laws. They convey cloud based answers for customers wherein the whole payroll module is overseen online and in a paper less manner. Under Labor Laws, they cater to all major resolutions like Provident Fund, ESIC, Contract Labor, Factories Act, Shop Act, Bonus, Gratuity, Payment of Wages, Minimum Wages, Profession Tax, and so on. The PayRule team takes care of suit matters under above authorizations to the highest level of judiciary. Founded in 2011, the young organization’s core team boasts of over 20 years of professional experience as Chartered Accountants. “The fact that CAs are at the helm of affairs of PayRule is an assurance to our clients that their compliances are in ‘safe hands’,” adds Darshan.

In a very short span, PayRule has successfully earned the confidence and trust of over hundred corporate clients spread across India

Relying on Organic Growth
As is common for a young organization, PayRule had to face immense challenges and go through a path of uncertainty. The business sector was already built and PayRule did not need to engage their assets into creating a market. The test was to make a name for themselves as an expert service provider in this exceedingly competitive space. Effective instruments such as 'Content Marketing' bailed them in connecting with the bigger Corporate HR society in an inconspicuous way. 'PayRule Updates' as they call it, was exceptionally well received by their clients. With no overwhelming usage of marketing gimmicks (Ads, Banners, and so forth.), they have been successful in positioning themselves as Professional Consultants' with the sheer force of content and knowledge sharing.
“In a very short span, we have successfully earned the confidence and trust of over hundred corporate clients spread across India. We count many MNCs and listed companies amongst our clientele and intend to increase our clientele in the years to come,” concludes Darshan.