Next Legal Services:Rendering Legal Assistance to the Corporate Sector

CIO Vendor Law is a vital section of the Indian constitution and it greatly affects the corporate sector as well. Entrepreneurs today face several constraints pertaining to law while running their businesses and often require help to deal with such legal restrictions and litigations. Labor law is one such significant section of corporate law that demands assistance to control all sorts of employment related legal hassles. In order to mitigate them with suitable litigation services, Beena Pillai, an advocate by profession, established Next Legal Services in 2009. With 18 years of experience in advocacy, corporate consultancy and real estate laws, she set up her own firm which offers legal advice to companies across different sectors.

Gamut of Services
Operating from Bangalore, the company presently provides legal solutions, majorly in the areas of corporate law, intellectual property law, property law and employment law. The firm’s other areas of specialization include litigation, land/real estate laws, legal scrutiny, contract drafting, arbitration, formation of Indian and overseas legal entities (such as incorporation of company, society, association, trust, LLC, partnership etc.) and other regulatory works with various government agencies and institutions. The firm also effectively represents its clients before various judicial and quasi-judicial forums. “Nowadays employee termination is one of the major areas of concern in the labor law market. Both employers and employees are skeptical in understanding the regulations and seek consultation,”
says Beena. Next Legal tries to understand the constraints that its clients are going through and guides them with the right advisory.

Striving to Succeed
Beena dreamt to start her own legal firm long back and today through her venture in legal activities, she is an inspiration to all aspiring lawyers. “I had a dream to establish my own law firm and today I feel content when I provide apt services to clients,” she admits proudly. Though it was a difficult task for her but she strived with an optimistic view and efficiently achieved her desired goal. “It is tough to build your own firm and sustain in the industry for so long. Moreover, it is tougher for a female lawyer to make the move and run the business successfully. But I had the confidence in me to make it a success story and I did it,” she adds. Exuding confidence and building trust among clients is one of the tougher jobs that any organization faces but for Beena, it came easy.
Her earlier references worked as a boon and she gained few clients during her initial days itself.

We try to stick to our commitments made to our clients and we maintain the trust factor by representing our case in a truthful way

Client satisfaction is the one of the fundamental areas that every law firm looks into and Next Legal puts maximum attention into it. “We stick to our commitments made to our clients and maintain trust by representing our case in a truthful way,” expounds Beena. “Fortunately I have a good team of lawyers who knows the greatness of this noble profession. It is their hard work and sincerity that helps us to construct goodwill in the market. Next Legal offers legal consultation to corporate, firms and individuals by trying its best to deliver reports before time and impart maximum benefits of its clients. “Startups from diverse sectors are also keen to work with us and this pushes us work harder every day,” Beena concludes.