Global Business Inroads: Paving the Way towards Easing out Cross Border Technology Transfer

Technology intervention is a burning topic of the corporateworld and apposite application of the same enhances the esteem of businesses bringing in successes to the table. On one hand,technology is pulling the world to a next level of excellence; while on the other hand finance is playing a vital role in backing up businesses across the globe. Adding value to different corporate sectors, the partnership of finance and technology is fetching the best desired results in the international market.Lagging far behind to it, the Indian market is witnessing a gap in proper utilization and implementation of technology though a strong financial support is being rendered. Noticing this gap in the Indian soil Leena Pishe Thomas, Director, Global Business Inroads (GBI) sought this as an opportunity to graft the founding stone of her entrepreneurial venture in 2009.

GBI, as a boutique international technology management firm helps international institutions, niche SMEs, with not just managing their market entry but continuously hand-holds them through their indigenization and deployment process

“Our basic premise of setting up GBI was to bring the best technology solutions from some of most innovative companies and clusters around the world and help them customize applications and business models for the Indian context - where the technology can be rapidly scaled and successfully commercialized,” she defines.Being associated with different international projects for almost two decades , Leena has profound dexterity and experience of delivering out of the box and appropriate solutions in terms of business consulting. Having already commissioned numerous projects from US and Europe, she decided to make use of her team’s expertise in the areas of clean energy, environment, transport, ICT, life sciences, waste management and health care to help internationalize and commercialize technology innovations to create global and social impacts. The idea of setting GBI was conceptualized while she was working under the US Government and Clinton Climate Initiative programs.
With a mission to scale the deployment of climate
CIO Vendor change mitigation and healthcare solutions globally leveraging the latest ICT solutions, team GBI works to address the needs of its international clients and to sustain in the Indian market.
When an international company enters India, they need to diligently scout for the right opportunity with proper mentorship and handholding. India has a lot of opportunities in the domain of technology and finding the appropriate partner and projects from that pool is a challenge for international entities. “GBI, as a boutique international technology management firm helps international institutions, niche SMEs, with not just managing their market entry but continuously hand-hold them through their indigenization and deployment process,” she affirms.
With the ground breaking solutions in business consulting sector, GBI has also served Indian industry majors and looking forward to support more number of Indian tech sector clients in the coming days.
“We have grown to deepen and develop a technology management process for commercializing in new markets, build strong global ecosystems in the healthcare, clean-tech and ICT sectors.Nowadays, we are taking on the project management consultancy role for some of our clean energy and environment sector clients,” says Leena. In just 6 years GBI has grown remarkably in terms of both size and revenue generation. It prides to be a self-financed company running out of the revenue and knowing this fact, she proudly adds, “We are going to launch a global platform called the Global Technology Interface™ within the next 6 months which will be an online platform to get technologies from the world across, showcased, displayed, discovered and deployed.” With extensive growth plans for GBI and the clients Leena foresees a bright future ahead.