Ways Software: Delivering Technological Excellence to Drive Business Growth

CIO Vendor Technology, if instilled into a business can work wonders for it. However, it completely depends on how and when a technology is used to operate or manage a business. The need for technology was understood well by many consulting companies even before they were appropriately known to the businesses. One such organization that used technology as a driving force for itself and the economy is Ways Software. This tech company emerged in 1998 with the vision to expand the usage of technology for driving business growth. Headquartered in Rajkot, Ways Software is the brainchild of Vicky Mehta, who initiated this venture to enable viable, flexible and expansive possibilities for businesses through technology.
Dedication and Vision Key to Success
Vicky Mehta, MD & CEO of Ways Software, during the initial years of existence did all that it takes to create a success story for his organization. Managing all spheres of the business on his own and getting clients on board was definitely a challenge for him, which he overcame with his dedication and vision to develop Ways Software into an established name. The organization in its years of infancy found it difficult to convince clients about the usage of software for fluency in business operations. During that phase, usage of software and related technologies was not known to businesses. Ways Software worked hard and made entrepreneurs develop a better understanding of what software is and how it could help them enhance their operations. The technical expertise of Ways Software has helped the company develop a sense of faith among the clients.
Delivering Creativity and Innovation
Ways Software was established to deliver creativity and innovation in the form of technology. In its service portfolio, the company majorly counts desktop and web applications. With its urge to create something new, the company has developed numerous products, one of which is the software developed for the legal sector. This product is presently being used by individual advocates, various law firms, solicitors and even district level courts & legal departments of corporate companies and government departments.
With its customised applications and products, Ways Software has garnered a vast client base all across the nation. However, during the first few years, the company served clients based in Gujarat, but with time, it expanded to other parts of the nation such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other major cities.
The company has provided business solutions in various segments including Legal Segment, Education Segment, Manufacturing industries, Ceramic Industries and many other industries vertical.
Ways Software has served businesses including Bajaj Allianz, Dish TV, Rajkot Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd., Kajaria Sanitaryware, Sona Ceramic, Sonam Quartz, Samay Quartz besides public sector entities such as GSRTC, Gujarat State Cooperative Tribunal, Legal Dept. of various Municipal Corporations & Private Sectors and counting more.

The technical expertise of Ways Software has helped it develop a sense of faith among the clients

Requirement gathering, technical expertise, right advice and exceptional service are the major factors that have enabled Ways Software come a long way. Ever since the inception, Ways Software has remained a self-reliant organization never opting for support from any external sources. Thus, the growth attained by the company has been gradual. To compensate for this, the team is eyeing expansion in the near future. “We are planning to expand the legal segment outside India. We’ll also focus more on offshore projects from any segments,” Vicky concludes.