Astute Technologies India: Providing Comprehensive IT Governance Consultancy to Businesses across Sectors

Information and technology serve as the two major ingredients of success for most of the businesses in this era. IT when combined with strategy, customer-centric approach and industry know-how makes the perfect balance that any business requires to succeed. With the pace at which IT is emerging as a tool for almost all industries, the demand for IT governance is also mounting. The discipline of IT governance was first introduced in the 90s to align business strategy and objectives with an organization’s IT strategy. IT governance helps businesses to ensure that the usage of information and technology generates business value. Thus, for every business that aims to infuse technology into its operations, IT governance remains a major factor to be focused on. The founders of Astute Technologies India, a provider of IT governance solutions such as data centre, end-user computing, managed security and so on decided to found the organization to help companies traverse the complex terrain of IT governance with the help of their expert services.

Astute Technologies maintains an extended service portfolio wherein it provides solutions ranging from Data Connectivity to Video Surveillance ( End to End IT Solutions).

Founded in 2010, Astute Technologies is a Mumbai based IT infrastructure management and services delivery organization, which also has its operations in Pune. Astute was established to introduce the brand into consulting business and to help businesses manage their IT operations. While the aim was to deliver the best in terms of IT governance, the path ahead had profuse challenges to be encountered. J S Dixit, Managing Director of the company says, “The recession had just passed in 2010. So, getting business was very difficult for us.” Despite of the after effects of the recession and unpleasing market sentiments, Astute team persisted through every odd to sustain within the industry.
CIO Vendor Soon, their efforts paid off and the company got a leading co-operative bank as its first major client. Since then there has been no looking back as Astute has been serving numerous media companies and co-operative banks, which are still associated with the firm owing to the impeccable services delivered to them.
The organization maintains an extended service portfolio wherein it provides solutions ranging from connectivity to surveillance. The company delivers consultancy services for IT, data centre, end-user computing, managed security and enterprise system management. While quality remains a major factor to be maintained by the organization, it considers upholding right cost, quality and schedule as well. Knowledge too remains a major factor that the company delivers with its entire set of services. Jaideep adds, “We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to providing solutions. We make sure that whatever solutions we are providing, the clients are aware of those solutions in and out. We empower with all the necessary knowledge and skills.” Besides, the company claims to deploy the most appropriate IT governance services by understanding and analysing the problems faced by the clients and thereafter deal with them. Astute, at present, is in the process of expanding and adding more value to its services. The team is further working to break into the remote management services segment. In the years ahead, the organization will be aiming at transformation from system integration to consulting.