Pankti Management Consultancy: A Catalyst in the Segment of Debt Syndication

Managing finances and debts is the largest responsibility that every organization needs to handle with care and precision. While finances are needed to be kept under supervision at all times, debts too are needed to be managed well. Debt management remains a major concern for most organizations, especially in the sectors such as construction, hospitality, housing and numerous others. Many a times, interference from a specialist is desired. The space around us has numerous such experts, who with their enriched experience in the financesector come up with advisory solutions and services for debt syndication and management. They manage everything for companies, from arranging funds to dealing with the legal implications and all the paper work.

Pankti Management Consultancy has evolved as a name that businesses seeking any kind of funding solutions can rely on

Back in 1998, a group of finance experts embarked on offering fund mobilizing solutions to businesses and is known as Pankti Management Consultancy.
Headquartered in Mumbai, this organization pre-dominantly entered the segment of debt syndication to serve sectors, for which fund mobilization remained a major challenge. The company offers advisory solutions and assistance for debt syndication, debt structuring and other financial solutions. Pankti Management entered the market when the concept of lending money to businesses was new.The companies in the real estate and hospitality sectors struggled to find investments for new ventures. To deal with these issues, Pankti Management emerged and made more funding options available to such businesses. To assure the best of solutions to businesses operating in real estate, hospitality and other sectors, the team of Pankti Management reached out to numerous private sector banks to get their projects financed. As a result, some of the financial institutions agreed and offered the financing solutions. However, with time, the company was able to bring some public sector institutions in the picture too.
CIO Vendor This surely was the biggest roadblock for them to encounter in the initial years of existence.
Paving the way for its clients, Pankti Management Consultancy has evolved as a name that businesses seeking any kind of funding solutions can rely on. Talking about the company’s journey, Ashwin Mehta, Managing Director, Pankti Management Consultancy said, “We have to keep evolving ourselves and in the process, educate the clients about documents and details required. With our continuous interaction with the bankers, we tried to streamline things such as asking them not to demand extra information. So, a lot of evolution took place and the secrecy aspect was also dealt with.”Over the years, the company has served numerous leading names including Kanakia Group, Marathon Group, Damji Shamji Shah Group, Vijay Group, Soham Group, Deepak Raheja Group and Vijay Raheja Group.
Pankti Management Consultancy meticulously handles each project that comes to it. The team first develops an understanding for the project and thereafter suggests the desired changes in the proposal and the thought process that the clients carried forward. Ashwin claims that most of the clients who earlier didn’t show faith in the company’s services later approached them to get appropriate solutions to their problems. Today, Pankti doesn’t just operate as an advisory firm, but does everything from compiling the data to getting approvals and managing timelines. The kind of experience and exposure the firm has gathered, it is geared up to meet any kind of new challenges in the future.