E Orchids Techsolutions: A Turnkey Solution Provider in IT and Media Technologies

CIO Vendor The dawning of the second millennium reinforced digitization and adding media technology to every business endeavor across industrial domains. Finding a turnkey solution provider in the Media and Technology domain was easy if one had a large budget to afford renowned brands. However, SMEs had a tough time finding a competent consulting firm that provided expert solutions at an affordable price. Realizing the prospect of IT and Media technology market in the upcoming future, Musthafa Kamal Hussain, a young entrepreneur of just 20, set the sails of his venture, e Orchids Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd in 2004. A graduate in Media Technologies, Musthafa was always keen to be a leader rather than a follower of the crowd. His objective was to provide Indian SMEs with affordable solutions that were at par with the quality of services provided by the big players in the industry.

Starting as a typical Graphic and Web designing company, e Orchids has bloomed into a full-fledged IT and Media Technology enterprise over the years. As its motto goes, e Orchids has been spinning dreams into reality. The sun of digitization was still in the eastern sky when Musthafa set the foundation of e Orchids; hence acquiring clients was a major challenge. Sprouting from the seeds of creativity and enthusiasm, the lack of capital investment added to the initial challenges for Musthafa. He started with a low profile but his prodigious works in the fields Web and Graphic Designing which soon gave way to enticing prestigious clients.
In fact the faith bestowed on him and his company by the clients led him to venture into diverse verticals along the technical platform in the very first year of its existence.

E Orchids with its expert and creative team of 25 provide a hub of software and media solutions, all under one roof. Starting with Web designing and Graphic designing, e Orchids has proliferated into .Net platform, software development, 3D environment, corporate presentations, animations, UX/UI development and so on. While speaking about the services Musthafa explicates, “With regards to server space handling and the latest trends, we have extended our services into Cloud Application Development and Mobile Application Development.” SMEs often expect a package of services assorted but all within the constrained budget. To deal with this predicament, Musthafa has trained his talented work force in multiple verticals so that the cost of services is curtailed to a significant extent. Clients thus have a smile on their faces each time they deal with e Orchids.

Starting as a typical Graphic and Web designing company, e Orchids has bloomed as a full-fledged IT and Media Tech enterprise over the years

The organization has witnessed a flourishing roadmap owing to the versatile and prompt services. From rendering services to celebrated brands like Max New York Life Insurance, The Professional Couriers and others in the homeland Chennai to offering overseas services to Middle East, USA, Hong Kong and UK, e Orchids has made a global presence. Not just business, Musthafa has initiated a philanthropic institution named e Orchids Educational and Charitable Trust to motivate and help students hailing from the financially weaker section of the society to gain education. “We envision delving more into mobile application development and providing Customized ERP Systems for our clients in the coming years,” enlightens Musthafa as he signs off.