AFII Corp Advisory: Rendering Quality Advice to Mergers&Acquisitions

Business is not always meant for calculating profits and losses. It deals with many other significant segments of which merger and acquisition is considered one.Often amalgamations or acquisitions are seen to be taking place between two or more corporate entities for bringing amendments in certain business policies. This act of consolidation frequently requires valuable advices to analyze thepros and cons that may arise in the long run. Finding a dearth of quality players in this space, AFII Corporate Advisors was established in the year 1996 with an aim to provide effective advices on Corporate Finance and Cross Border M&A. Headquartered in NewDelhi,the entity primarily focuses on mid-sized companies which require apposite guidance for building up aproper growth trajectory.

AFII works on in-depth knowledge in technological periphery, research on industrial details and networking processes through its acquisition services

Having been in the corporate financial advisory services for almost two decades, Dr Mahesh Pal Singh Gandhi, perceived that mid-sized companies needed a proper hand holding to bring their businesses to appropriate growth trajectory. Today, the firm provides an entire gamut of solutions for mid-market under his guidance. “As an advisory body, we render expert services in corporate finance, cross border M&A, infrastructure advisory, representation services for foreign companies, government to government initiatives, legal and secretarial services,” says Mahesh. In addition to the aforesaid details the AFII renders diverse benefits to its clients through entrepreneurial mind-set, industry expertise, establishing local and global partnerships, research backed suggestions, nimble and resourceful approach and unparalleled client service.

The company started with Portfolio Investments, Commercial Papers, Non-Convertible Bonds and SME Project in the year 1996. Delivering superlative solutions in this space for four years it expanded its business by adding Infrastructure Project Financing and also ventured into structured finance transaction. In 2006, the business was expanded globally with presence across Israel, France, Germany and Belgium. While, touching such landmarks one by one the company got appointed by Belgium Railways in 2010 as their representative in India. In 2011,AFII added Israel Electric Corporation to its portfolio, as their representative in India.
CIO Vendor “Observations made while serving clients highlighted the fact that most of the companies have a lack of appropriate business strategies. These companies majorly suffer from the deficiency of proper guidance and correct vision along with improper management of finance,” Maheshexplains. According to him,companies following traditional processes and often end up listening to the CAs working for them rather than believing professional consultants. Reading the pulse of these clients AFII put a lot of effort in making them understand the value addition that AFII brings to the table.

Mahesh believes in providing premier quality of M & A services in order to maximize the value of their clients through each and every engagement. AFII works on in-depth knowledge in technological periphery, research on industrial details and networking processes through its acquisition services. Rendering outstanding solutions to Fortune 500 companies it has maintained quality by benefiting its clients with implementable strategies.

Giving value to experience as well as youth, AFII has developed a balanced team with sheer passion and solidarity.It is the hard work of the team that has brought the company success since its inception and has helped the firm gradually step towards the peak of excellence.Keen to concentrate on the advisory work of corporate finance services and infrastructure, the enterprise is planning to consolidate its services mainly in these two areas along with venturing into seminars and conferences related to the same space.