Sinhoi Advisory Services: Expertly Navigating the Intricacies of GRC Regulations for Business Success

CIO Vendor Navigating the labyrinth of governance, risk management, and compliance complexi-ties within the corporate realm is a daunting task, making GRC consultants an essential asset. India’s GRC sector promises immense growth propelled by the intricacies of the regulatory framework and the presence of hundreds of MNCs, needing qualified professionals to assist in bridging the gap between outdated procedures and policies and modern requirements. A fragmented approach to GRC initiatives, restricted collaboration, inconsistent enforcement of policies, inadequate monitoring, lack of awareness, and limited coordination are some key challenges that need to be addressed.

This is where, Sinhoi Advisory Services, the brain child of Arun Kumar, founded in 2016, comes to the rescue. Possessing in-depth knowledge of the convoluted regulatory requirements for diverse industries, and an expertise in designing and implementing strategic integrated GRC solutions, the firm stands as a prominent independent global advisory organization.

Integrated GRC Solutions

Dedicated to providing tailored solutions that suit the unique needs of each organization, aligned with the particular industry-specific standards that must be complied with, Sinhoi has always given impetus to the necessities of each client, to integrate solutions that match those needs.

Sinhoi’s expertise in the industry ranges across key challenges including regulatory compliance, risk management, sustainability, data privacy, governance, and cybersecurity. Leveraging the diverse expertise of the team, Sinhoi successfully develops and implements integrated GRC solutions, and offers training and consultancy services to assist organizations in building GRC capabilities and refining risk mitigation practices. Moreover, the firm offers distinctive technology solutions that automate and streamline GRC processes, simplifying decision-making and compliance monitoring. The firm also provides aid in promoting collaborations, and performing periodic audits for spotting gaps and recommending improvements.

“With a strong sense of identification with clients' projects, we are constantly striving to provide value added solutions. Valuing and promoting seamless interaction with clients' teams, investing a tremendous amount of time and effort in under standing clients' business, Sinhoi delivers the best value as per the client's budget. Our enthusiasm, energy, and drive for excellence keeps us committed to developing strong client relationships, engaging capable and dedicated professionals and investing in technology”, shares Arun Kumar Krishnan, Managing Director.
Delivering Quality Solutions

Since its inception, Sinhoi has extended its services to over 400 companies and 800 individuals, excelling in every project undertaken in this duration. The secret behind this success is not just the firm’s team of experts that bring a combined 35+ years of experience, but also the methodical approach that it undertakes in designing strategies and solutions. While the majority of consulting firms are focusing solely on shifting to a digital model of services, the firm recognizes that this is not the only strategy needed to fulfill the requirements of the firms.

“Our approach is to have developed a deep, practical implementation experience with cost reduction initiatives in many environments, also we are very well rehearsed in providing advice and solutions, grounded in empirical data and proven practices to deliver measurable, meaningful results. Further while most of the companies today are only focusing on automation of the process, we, have been doing it in a more traditional manner, integrating it to the digital aesthetics and our deliverables are completely routed through enhanced manual efforts eradicating the errors of assumption drastically”, further shares Arun.

Sinhoi has extended its services to over 400 companies and 800 individuals, excel-ling in every project undertaken in this duration

The dynamic landscape of GRC necessitates a multi pronged approach to address the evolving challenges that clients face, along with a digital element, which is what Sinhoi offers. The company’s strong value-based experience and humility, which form the bedrock of the firm’s ethos have contributed to its success immensely. Apart from that the firm has benefited from its focus on nurturing trust and cooperation, creating a learning first and learning-right environment, and trans-forming adversities into opportunities for growth.

Furthermore, the team’s expertise in managing the stakeholders, maintaining the emotional portfolio, fostering goodwill and transparency, and adopting a ‘helicopter approach’ in conducting operations, which focuses on diving deep into a problem and rapidly coming up with a solution have been instrumental to its growth.

Having succeeded in its numerous projects, the company has now established ambitious plans for its future growth with the ultimate goal of becoming a global, client-focused consulting firm by 2026. Recognizing the nation’s perpetual hunger for creating value and the upsurge of the young talent capable of fulfilling these ambitions, the firm is gearing up to leverage the potential opportunities with technology-based business models to drive its expansion goals forward. For this, the team will focus strongly on developing an advanced and robust internal structure strengthened by a pool of resources that enable it to optimize existing processes for swift development of ideas and design solutions.

Through its client-first approach and an inherent zeal for coming up with innovative solutions that resolve existing gaps and arm the clients with the requisite knowledge and tools to overcome any potential future risks, Sinhoi has established its superiority in the industry, and is poised to successfully achieve its aspiration of global excellence in the coming years.