Finance Factory: Curating Unique Financial Solutions that Cater to MSMEs Needs

CIO Vendor The success of the government’s Atma Nirbhar mission and Make in India vision depends on the success of startups and MSMEs, which will lead to create more jobs, higher exports, higher contribution to GDP of India, and higher standards of living for millions of Indians. India is one of the fastest-growing place for entrepreneurs globally, both for tech firms and for non tech businesses. Government and private investors in India share a common goal: seeing Indian startups, MSMEs, & entrepreneurs thrive and make an impact around the world. To achieve such a noble goal, continuous availability of Growth Capital becomes a basic need of every entrepreneur. And when it comes to hand hold these entrepreneurs for arranging the Capital, Finance Factory leads the charge by offering consulting services for arranging Capital and Government Subsidies. Finance Factory constantly delivers cutting-edge financing solutions to all its clients, making itself the most chosen finance advisor for MSMEs.

Set up in 2011, Finance Factory was established as a boutique consulting firm that would offer its services of Loan and Subsidy Advisory to Micro, Small, and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs). In last 12 years Finance Factory has evolved and become a prominent player in its space. The targeted customers are very unique in their organizational makeup, the services they required, and the goals they had from the banking industry. Finance Factory being at the central of both the ends, has successfully bridge the gap between the requirements of its customers and the solutions offered by the bank. It has also been successful in arranging all of the Government Grants that are relevant to its customers. MSMEs have a strong desire in availing the benefits (the Subsidies) offered by the government so as to create a competitive edge, and Finance Factory leaves no stone unturned when it comes to assisting its customers in obtaining these benefits by correctly sharing relevant information and providing comprehensive advisory services.

The company provides a wide range of services but these can be broadly categorized under two sub headings like Loan Advisory and Government
Grants(Subsidies) Advisory. “Under loan advisory, we assess the client’s real need which could be for product expansion, capacity expansion, working capital gap, non-fund based limits requirements or setting up a new unit altogether. We bundle the requirement and then help our customers get it through the right medium. We are an established service provider dedicated to helping MSMEs getting easy access for capital. We also offer a range of Government Grants, like Capital subsidy, Interest subsidy, MDA, Electric subsidy and many more subsidies in Gujarat. We offer all our services in a transparent mode following all the legal and regulatory requirements set by the authorities”, elaborates Chairman R.D. Agarwal. “Since the beginning, we have worked on a term called Optimum Financing for our esteemed clients. Under Optimum Financing, we have been working on getting the Loans of the ‘right amount’, at a ‘low-interest rate’, with the ‘least possible paperwork’, for ‘appropriate tenure’ and with the inclusion of all the ‘Government Grants’. We have successfully offered our services across industries including General Engineering, Heavy Engineering, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Packaging, Textile, Plastics, Paper, & Hospitality and many other industries”, adds Anurag Goel, MD and CEO.

Finance Factory works with the vision of becoming the preferred financial growth partner for MSMEs & is on the mission to help 100,000 MSMEs with loans & subsidy in next 4-5 years

Future Roadmap
Finance Factory has achieved phenomenal growth over the period of last 1 decade. However for next 5 years, company has very aggressive plans. The industrial communities of all over Gujarat would be having access to the company’s services. It ought to have more than four Spoke Centers, and plans to cover a minimum of twenty-five hubs/ locations during the next three to four years’ time frame. The organization has all it needs, very strong and happy personnel, well-designed systems, departmental SOPs (standard operating procedures), efficient delivery mechanism, and happily satisfied paying consumers. In the years to come, Finance Factory also intends to come up with an SME Initial Public Offering. The objective of the company is to provide its business partner with the development, execution, and administration of specifically crafted business solutions that will assist its clients in growing their various businesses and industries.