Kesari Infrabuild: Guiding Environmental Conscious Practices In Business Endeavours

CIO Vendor In the face of escalating environmental challenges, the need for sustainable solutions has never been more pressing. The evolving landscape of environmental regulations, shifts towards conservation, and the growing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are shaping the environmental engineering sector. This sector demands adaptability, unified approaches, and a diverse pool of skilled professionals, factors that have posed challenges to both industry players and entrepreneurs.

Kesari Infrabuild (KIPL) has risen to meet these challenges head-on. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company, KIPL ventured into environmental engineering in the early 2000s. The firm’s commitment to excellence in environmental compliance measures, water and wastewater treatment and sustainable infrastructure solutions as enabled it to offer a diverse range of services from environmental due diligence to the implementation of sewage treatment plants and green zone development. KIPL's core values of ethics, quality, innovation, and customer-centricity underscore its foundation mission which has strongly enabled the firm to make significant strides to tackle the challenges posed by ever-changing regulatory frameworks. This one-stop solution approach gives KIPL an edge, and the firm’s dedication to ‘Social Capitalism’ fuels its journey in addressing the ever-evolving environmental concerns.

Integrating Environmental Consciousness
KIPL’s extensive range of services is a standout feature. The firm’s holistic approach encompasses green zone development, including reforestation and urban dense forestry, where it has planted over three lakh trees across India, through Miyawaki Plantation, contributing significantly to environmental conservation. KIPL’s role in aligning with Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), particularly in forestry services, underscores its pledge to a more sustainable future.

KIPL's USPs are a testament to the firm’s commitment to excellence in the field of environmental engineering. The integrated service offerings, which go beyond conventional problem solving, have set the company apart. KIPL prioritizes advisory services, and clients often seek the team’s expertise even before land acquisition. This early involvement and trusted guidance showcase KIPL's dedication to ensuring clients embark on projects with a clear understanding of environmental compliance.

The firm’s prowess is further highlighted by its diverse client base, which includes real estate developers, government entities, and major corporates.
This diverse portfolio facilitates a knowledge transfer that enriches its service delivery.

“We have a well-balanced mix of clients, and there's a transfer of know-how from each segment of clients. This multifaceted experience has strengthened our expertise and solidified our position as a reliable partner in the realm of environmental engineering. With an 80percent business recurrence from satisfied clients, we not only provide solutions but do so with a level of excellence that keeps clients returning and contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable world”, shares Minal Srinivasan, Director, Kesari Infrabuild.

KIPL’s expansion has not been limited to services alone it extends to the firm’s technical expertise & its client base

Paving the Way
KIPL's exceptional expertise in environmental engineering has not only set the firm apart but has also garnered some prestigious projects and clients. The company’s collaboration with the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, where it served as Environmental Consultants for two of the industrial parks within this massive initiative was a stellar milestone highlighting the firm’s position in the industry.The role extended to ensuring environmental compliance and conducting crucial audits, cementing its reputation as trusted advisors in complex industrial ventures. Another noteworthy achievement came from a partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

In a significant undertaking, KIPL led the plantation of nearly two lakh Miyawaki trees, transforming urban spaces into lush oxygen pockets. This endeavor, covering 25 parks across Mumbai's eastern region, involved comprehensive environmental monitoring and biodiversity studies. KIPL's involvement has not only beautified the city but also contributed to creating healthier environments for its residents. These remarkable projects are emblematic of KIPL's impact that extends beyond individual projects, making a noteworthy contribution to environmental preservation and sustainable development.

Across its undertakings as well as service offerings, be it environmental consultancy services, water resource management services, solid waste management services or water and wastewater management services, the one thing that remains constant is the team’s unyielding focus on achieving client satisfaction and outdoing itself through continuous improvement.

As a leader in environmental engineering, KIPL's success has been the result of its devotion and a profound sense of responsibility towards the environment and future generations. The company firmly believes in the philosophy that the Earth is not simply an inheritance from ancestors but a legacy borrowed from the children, emphasizing the need to leave it in better shape. The firm’s commitment to environmental conservation is deeply embedded in its work, and as the team strives to make a positive impact, it simultaneously builds a successful business.