Sri Harsha Consulting Engineers: Blending Idea & Art to Come up with Unique Designs

CIO Vendor The necessity of calling in a consultant very early in the gestation of a project cannot be over emphasized. One of the key verticals fueling India’s ambitious growth story is infrastructure. It is one of the key drivers of the Indian economy. As the country’s overall development is primarily pivoted on its infrastructural prowess, the sector enjoys intense focus from the Government which has been introducing viable policies targeted at ensuring creation of a sustainable world class infrastructure in the country. With this increased focus on the infrastructure sector, the discipline of Engineering consultancy services, one of the many consultancy domains, is also witnessing massive demand especially in developing countries like India and over the years the country will require an array of consulting engineers to fulfill its infrastructural needs. Sri Harsha Consulting Engineers is a structural consultant based in Hyderabad and is renowned for developing steel and architectural structures. The firm does, provides drawings and designs for architectural and industrial projects.

The firm has completed approximately 40 pharma projects, several high-rise steel structures, residential projects, steel structured data centres and many others. The firm has executed projects across steel, power, solar, entertainment, energy, paper, cement, automobiles and many other government and private sectors. What sets the firm apart from the other players is the fast adaptation of a new technology into their operations. Unlike other consultants in Hyderabad, the firm commands expertise in
Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) as well as steel structures. The firm prioritizes delivering correct and accurate drawings and designs to the client. “In case of any discrepancy and errors in our drawings, we inform the client and rectify it. Delivering correct drawings is very important to us”, shares Sridhar Reddy.

Leaving a Personal Touch
Currently, the firm is working on Telangana Secretariat, government medical colleges and several government and industrial projects. Apart from the regular and industrial projects, the firm has a steady flow of development projects from the pharma industry due to their expertise and prior exposure in the pharma sector. The firm maintains strong business ethics and integrity and strictly adheres to the office timings of the employee”, We place a lot of importance to family time. So, everyone should leave the office by the evening and every individual should enjoy their family life”, adds Sridhar.

Bouncing back from the Downturns
Sri Harsha Consulting Engineers was founded in 2002 in Hyderabad, After experiencing good growth for three years, the firm went through heavy losses in 2008 due to the economic downturn. The firm faced cancellation of several big projects of multi national companies. As a result, the firm took out loans to pay for the employees salaries between 2008-2011. The firm persevered and eventually, the company bounced back, repaid its debt and grew there after.

The firm consists of a multidisciplinary team across various sectors and industries. “Several employees have been associated with the firm since its initial years. Obul Reddy ( Director) has expertise in RCC Structural design. Balasubramanyam (Director) is a steel structure expert and Prasad (Director) oversees the Vizag office who also handles marketing and design. All these years my wife has worked behind the scenes on this journey and inspite of her busy schedule, she accompanies and travels along with me for most of the Site Visits, thus we make sure we spend quality time together. She's also a homeopath teacher works for an NGO and she is one of the director in the Company”, signs-off Sridhar, Sri Harsha Consulting Engineer.