RNT Consultancy: Steering MSMEs Growth Bandwagon Through a Comprehensive People Management Solution

CIO Vendor MSMEs often face resource constraints, making it challenging to handle all aspects of business operations effectively. As HR encompasses a wide range of areas, including recruitment, employee onboarding, performance management, training and development, and employee relations, MSMEs must partner with a competent player who can offer a holistic solution and can handhold them to navigate business disruptions as many consultants fail to go beyond just providing plans and strategies.

The story of RNT Consultancy began in 2007 when the founder Shikha Trivedi Singh’s father Ravi Trivedi, a retired mechanical engineer, was asked to recruit engineering talent for his former employers. RNT initially started as a specialist recruitment consultancy firm focusing on mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering roles in the manufacturing and EPC sector around Pune. As RNT Consultancy started catering to family-owned businesses, Sikha noticed the specific hiring needs and challenges faced by MSME owners. She identified gaps in the HR and recruitment space, where a one-size-fits-all approach didn't work for MSMEs. Unlike large corporations, MSMEs require more than just transactional recruitment. They needed assistance in executing plans and bridging the gap between advisory and implementation.

RNT Consultancy recognized this opportunity and decided to provide HR outsourcing services to MSMEs, taking full accountability for the execution of plans from talent acquisition to retention, development, and separation. Unlike other advisory firms that shy away from execution due to the sector's unpredictability and constraints, RNT Consultancy stepped in to fill this gap. Today, RNT Consultancy positioned itself as a partner that could handle its people management function effectively, allowing business owners to focus on their core functions and goals.

More Than A Solution, Creating Difference
Shikha is spearheading the formation of a remarkable team comprising women returning to work after a sabbatical.
RNT’s team members boast an average of eight to 10 years of experience, with some stretching beyond 20 years. This presents an exceptional opportunity for MSME business owners to access an experienced workforce that can effectively address their challenges.

“Our distinctive approach involves establishing one-onone connections and providing an avenue for women on sabbatical or recently retired individuals to leverage their extensive experience, helping MSME business owners tackle their obstacles head-on”, highlights Sikha Trivedi Singh, Founder at RNT Consultancy.

“Furthermore, we have carved out a niche in the realm of family-owned businesses and SME enterprises. We relish the intricacies that come with operating an organization in a family-owned setting and delight in overcoming the constraints and challenges inherent in such ventures. This focus allows us to excel in working with family-owned businesses and SMEs”, she adds.

Going forward, RNT Consultancy's goal is to become the go-to single point of contact for MSMSEs, enabling them to focus on their core business while it handles their support functions

As a company, RNT Consultancy's culture fosters collaboration, support, and a larger purpose, where team members work together for the success of both the clients and themselves. The company’s employee program emphasizes pulling others up and providing a supportive environment for women returning to work, leading to personal growth and empowerment.

Going forward, RNT Consultancy's goal is to become the go-to single point of contact for MSMSEs, enabling them to focus on their core business while it handles their support functions. By outsourcing non-core tasks such as HR, marketing, sales, bookkeeping, accountancy, banking, and finance, it aims to provide a comprehensive 360-degree service within the next two years.

“Our primary objective is to relieve business owners of the burden of managing these essential yet timeconsuming tasks. By entrusting us with their support functions, entrepreneurs can redirect their energy toward their core competencies and strategic growth. Our team is diligently working on building the necessary capabilities to cater to these diverse support functions”, concludes Shikha