Prakfin: An Industry Expert Offering Customized Financial Services at Ease of Few Clicks

CIO Vendor The international market for financial advisory services, which was initially anticipated to be worth $77.1 billion during the year 2020 but has now been adjusted to $104.9 billion, is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.5 percent from 2020 to 2027 in the altered post-COVID-19 business climate. The largest of the sectors examined in the research, corporate finance, is anticipated to grow at a 4.3 percent CAGR and expand to US$35.4 billion by the conclusion of the period of analysis. Development in the Financial Advisory sector is realigned to a modified 4.7 percent CAGR for the following seven years in order to compensate for the continuing postpandemic resurgence. The unique financial consulting firm Prakfin Corporate Advisory Services, Mumbai(PRAKFIN) provides its prestigious clients with solutions that are specifically designed for them and provides strategic advisory services for their growth and increased income.

A Gamut of Distinctive Services
During the initial years of its existence, Prakfin Corporate Advisory Services(PRAKFIN) outlined a clearcourse for itself and set particular procedures for achieving its objectives. Notwithstanding some early difficulties, PRAKFINs dedication to conducting business with transparency and openness stands out as a distinguishing feature that has helped it attract new customers, cling to those it already has, and win the trust of financiers.

The products and services that pertain to debt are PRAKFIN's area of expertise. The arranging of funds for new projects or expansion, the replacement of debt for better terms, working capital, promoter financing for acquisitions, bill discounting & factoring, and lease finance, to highlight a few. “Our versatility in extending end-to-end financial strategies and solutions has created a niche for PRAKFIN in the field of corporate finance. We also advise on Stressed Situation Account for raising funds and well thought out liability restructuring solutions. Our area of specialization is
interalia Corporate Finance to Management Strategies”, states T K Venkatesh Kumar, Founder, Prakfin.

Over the decades, the company has established a significant professional network of connections with lenders and different investment funds, giving it access to a diverse range of solutions that might be the perfect match for a particular borrower. Sharing his motivation behind founding PRAKFIN, Venkatesh Kumar shares that “There is always a need for innovative and well thought-out financial and management solutions for the MSME segment in India which motivated me to set up PRAKFIN. Having worked in a premier financial institution for over two decades, I was well-equipped to provide optimal solutions to meet the needs of MSMEs. The journey has been fruitful with many more milestones yet to be achieved. The key principles i.e. transparency and integrity, helped PRAKFIN to gain a reputation of a trustworthy professional enterprise over the years.”

Our versatility in extending end-to-end financial strategies and solutions has created a niche for PRAKFIN in the field of corporate finance

PRAKFIN works to fully comprehend the needs of a client and evolve feasible options for the client to choose from. In order to connect the transaction structure with the client's predicted revenues, operating costs, and debt servicing capacity, PRAKFIN assists clients in selecting the appropriate lenders.

Future Roadmap
Corporate Advisory Services have a lot of promise, and it's critical to recognize the role of specialists in generating business for lenders and providing MSMEs with professional capabilities for the financial market. These expert companies act as a bridge between borrowers and lenders. PRAKFIN is currently establishing new companies that specialize in particular markets, stressed asset financing, and retail finance solutions with the help of highly qualified partners. In order to consolidate transaction execution across numerous industries, goods, and services, PRAKFIN will create a team with strong execution in one of the organizations exclusively. In addition, the firm plans to hire professionals who fit the criteria for its growth.