Shamkris Group: Offering Solutions that Transcends Conventional Standards

CIO Vendor The licensing and certification market has been growing rapidly over the last couple of decades. The increasing number of regulatory compliances as well as the growing number of companies across multiple different industry verticals can be attributed to this growth. In India, Shamkris Group started its operations in the early 2000s and within a couple of decades, the company has been able not only build a positive reputation in the industry but they have also been able to create an ever-growing niche in the certification and licensing consultancy market. The versatile trio of Shyam Sharma (Chairman and Managing Director), Ruchi Sharma (Director, Operations), and Sumit Joshi (Director, Marketing) are the brains behind Shamkris Group. And under their guidance, the company has been able to break new business frontiers and strive for greater heights in the corporate realm.

The Rise of a Flag Bearer
Shamkris Group was established with an aim to operate as a registrar that is truly receptive to their client's needs, in particular, the need to understand a business process and to ensure systems are in place, that too in delivering its services while not adversely impacting client's operations. Also, in order to cater to different industry verticals, Shamkris Group which is an Independent Assessment and Certification Body offers world class global assessment and certification services in multiple arenas including Management System Certification, Climate Change Services, Compliance Auditing, Social Compliance Audits, Inspections, Product Certification, and Trainings. Even with such a diverse service portfolio, Shamkris Group doesn't believe in a one-size fits all approach and understand the requirements of their clients before offering them customized solutions.

Adding more about the challenges they faced in the industry and how they overcome those challenges, Shyam Sharma says "Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and making them realize that we are at level pegging with the other top players in the industry was a challenge for us in the beginning. We have come a long way from this and has grown onto become one of the most preferred names in the industry now. And we believe that the challenges we have faced over the years and the knowledge we acquired from those challenges has helped us to drive our business growth even more". Even when facing overwhelming odds, Shamkris Group has never compromised on their quality and has maintained the highest value of reliability in its assessment process. Owing to this, as of now, the company has built an impressive clientele that includes market leading firms from different domains including Industrial, Transport, Aerospace, Banking and other Service Sectors both Private, Semi Govt and Government.

Committed to their Pursuit of Excellence
Shamkris Group is driven by their core objectives which include: Anticipate, understand and fulfill the expectations and needs of clients, Offer responsive, accurate, timely and customer focused services, Offer services with world wide coverage as 'One-Stop-Shop' for certification & related
activities, Ensure that activities are performed with best of abilities in line with Shamkris Group policies, procedures and accreditation criteria, Build, ensure and maintain world-class management system to offer highest quality of services, Offer services, which are independent, impartial, fair, cost competitive and of high integrity, Develop leaders through our trainings who are accountable for achieving business results and exemplifying values, Provide employees with a satisfying and rewarding work environment, and Shamkris Group believes in practitioner's approach of people to deliver services. And over the years, these objectives have become the cornerstones behind the company's sustained success in the industry.

Shamkris Group doesn't believe in a one-size fits all approach and understand the requirements of their clients before offering them customized solutions

Aside from this, the other primary catalyst behind the company's success has been their strong and agile team. Talking more about the team behind Shamkris Group, Shyam Sharma adds "We have a diverse team with industry experts from different arenas that help our clients with all their licensing and certification dilemmas. Apart from that, we also have experts when it comes to training and writing SOPs according to the client's specifications. Owing to all this, as of now, we have been able to ensure the satisfaction of 6000 customers across the globe. With their strong backing, we are constantly evolving with the changing market and regulatory conditions as well. And this has helped us to offer the best services within the stipulated time frame consistently for our clients. Owing to this, we are able to clock in impressive growth numbers year after year".

Sumit Joshi Ruchi Sharma

Evolving with the changing times, Shamkris Group aspires to be an IT enabled firm and scale unprecedented heights in the global certification and licensing consultancy market. As part of their expansion plans, the company is gearing up for international accreditations and expand their presence into more regions as well as other industry verticals.

Shyam Sharma, Chairman & Managing Director:
Driven by his passion for entrepreneurship, Shyam has been able to help Shamkris Group to make impressive strides both in the Indian and international market. His commitment to help clients with any kind of certification and licensing dilemmas has trickled down to Shamkris Group and this inspires the company to offer service that transcend conventional standards.