TurnBIM Engineering Services: Offering Simple Yet Effective BIM Solutions to Age Old Problems

CIO Vendor The Indian Construction industry is moving towards automation. This emerging technology has huge benefits to Architects, Engineers, Contractors and fabricators due to which currently most of the projects have all of their deliverables/ receivables in BIM formats, which have been globally accepted as standard file formats. The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry have long sought techniques to decrease project cost, increase productivity and quality, and reduce project delivery time. Building information modeling(BIM)offers the potential to achieve these objectives in an efficient manner. It has been observed that any new technology can bring significant changes to current work practices due to which organizations are resistant to such change as it affects the compatibility, implementation and has increased setup and training costs. Thus it is important that any changes related to BIM are compatible with an organizations existing norms and practices, failing which it is unlikely to become an integral part of the organizations process. Acknow ledging this situation, TurnBIM engineering services was established with the aim to promote and provide innovation in Construction automation and to boost digital technology in construction projects using BIM and Integrated project delivery IPD.

Adding more about the inception story of the company and the various services they provide, Arun Dutt who is the International Business Consultant of the company says "BIM as a new information technology, provides an intelligent digital representation of buildings to support diverse activities and brings about a wide range of benefits throughout the life cycle of projects. It is surely transforming permanently, the way in which construction and restoration projects are done. This transformation means better buildings in more and better places, as well as a more profitable
industry which has been the motivation in setting up TurnBIM Engineering Services. When it comes to our services, we deliver constructible models which refers to ensuring that the structure can be built efficiently in terms of time resources and money. The information which we add brings benefits to design office shop and site, so that coordinated design, detailing, fabrication and site operations are enhanced and automated. We stand out in our offerings i.e. constructible models and cloud based coordination and deliveries which results in improved turnaround in bidding, engineering, manufacturing and execution".

Our motto is to give attention to detail in all our services and maintain a successful collaboration with our customers

TurnBIM acknowledges the fact that challenges are part and parcel of operating a business and while talking about the major challenges they faced and how they mitigated those challenges, Arun adds "The most difficult challenge was the availability of trained resources. Even though the market is flooded with abundant resources there is still a scarcity of trained resources who can carry out the job meticulously. We had to manage and systematically develop our team by acquiring trainee associates and enhancing their digital and project management skills under the guidance of our team of accomplished professionals who have decades of experience in executing domestic and international projects. Another challenge was the Market presence. Even though the team members had good experience in the field as a new startup the company that did not match up to the required project experience which was a big challenge. We gave priority to increasing our market presence through promotional innovation advertising strengthening customer relationship and by providing excellent services".

Even though, the Even though, the company was esta blished during the covid 19 pandemic TurnBIM didn't slow down but rather they gained momentum even during times where other companies were struggling to stay afloat. Evolving with the changing times the company has got high hopes for their future including continuing to do the good work and to gain the deserved recognition and respect. In addition TurnBIM also has plans to expand the infrastructure and workforce to cater to a good number of important clients across the globe and thereby gain global recognition.