S Plus Associates: Aspiring To Be The Epitome Of World-Class BIM Consultancy

CIO Vendor The BIM consultancy segment is a growing market segment in India with more and more players entering the stratum on a regular basis. S Plus Associates is one of the leading names in the industry and since their establishment, the company has been able to grow stronger on a daily basis. At its core, S Plus Associates is a team of working professionals with having 16+years of industry experience. Offering designing, Execution, and project management related solutions for various types of buildings is the company's forte. And we are forecasting owing to their versatile experience in the field of designing, Construction documen tation, Project and construction management along with complete engineering solution for various types of Building & Infrastructure, the company to create a niche in the market. S Plus Associates offer their services for various regions across the globe as per their local codes and norms and some of their major completed project includes public buildings, Institutional buildings, Commercial buildings, Hotel buildings, Aircraft hangar, Railway station, Residential Buildings & Infrastructure. We are also providing specialized drawings such as façade drawings, Installation drawings and material movement planning etc.

S Plus Associates is currently providing full range of Building Architecture and Interior designing, CAD services which includes 2d and 3d drafting, Multi discipline BIM Modeling, Clash detection, BIM Consulting, Content creation & Complete civil engineering solution.

Adding more about the company and its evolution in the industry, Pranav Suthar who is the Founder of S Plus Associates says, "Currently, in India, the BIM industry is still in its infancy period but in regions in the middle east
and Europe, as well as, in countries like Australia and the US, even the government projects utilize the BIM technology now. Owing to that, we have got many offshore clients and I believe that in India also, this will become the case in the future. I am one of the pioneers in the BIM industry and from the very beginning itself, I have realized the immense potential in the BIM space. With that said, the fact that, we were one of the first BIM players in India brought with it some unique set of challenges. And the most pertinent challenge was to make the clients understand the importance and advantages of the BIM technology. In the beginning, we had to even promise our clients that we will do the entire project for free if something goes wrong from our part to get business. This helped us to build strong foundations and now we have been able to develop into one of the market leaders in this segment.

S Plus Associates is a tech driven company which ensures that it constantly innovates and implements the latest technologiesso that its can consistently improve the quality of their offerings

While talking more about their operational philosophy and future aspirations, Pranav adds, "We understand the requirements of our clients and only after that will we offer custom created solutions. We create our models in such a way that even an ordinary person can get an idea of the construction by looking at our models. This simplicity is something that helps us to separate ourselves from the rest. We are able to clock in impressive growth numbers consistently and create an ever increasing clientele owing to our commitment to never compromise on the quality of our offerings. At the same time, we have also been able to develop a good team that works like a well oiled machine. We have multiple offices, and all our team members have prior experience of working in the industry. We are a tech driven company, and we ensure that we constantly innovate and implement the latest technologies so that we can consistently improve the quality of our offerings. And going forward, we are aiming to increase the size of our team drastically over the next five years and grow to a level where we can get ready for an IPO".