Ecoparadigm: Helping Businesses Operate in a Much more Sustainable Way

CIO Vendor In the environmental consultancy space, India occupies the bottom two ranks amongst approximately 190 countries almost all countries are above us. The market is dominated by countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and few European countries that have also penetrated the Indian market. Export of Indian consultancy is negligible. On the other hand, India is a huge market to tap for environmental projects and the companies from the west have penetrated this market. One of the brightest sparks in the Indian environmental consultants' market is Ecoparadigm, a firm set up by Pravinjith K P and Sajina Pravinjith, under whose guidance the company has been able to strive for sustained success in the industry. Owing to their client centric approach of their operations, over the years the company has evolved into one of the leading names in the industry.

Pravinjith K P has over 30 years and 350+ project experience in Infrastructure, Energy, and Environment. His expertise includes concept to commissioning and design of infrastructure for various projects of green buildings, sanitation, irrigation, drainage, rainwater harvesting, e-waste,
renewable energy(Wind, Hydel, and Solar energy), and environmental impact assessment related projects. When asked about the evolution of Ecoparadigm, Pravinjith says, "We had started from the first principles of science and were confident that our models would work. Sub sequently, our executed projects would go on to prove it. For instance, our STP project in the Martha's Hospital (using the DTS technology developed by Ecoparadigm), was ahead of its time and the technology was already complying with the law that nobody knew that would be implemented later. The current law for wastewater that is now very stringent was amended nearly 15 years after we had already complied with such a law in our projects. What I am trying to say is that our designs were already ready for strict environmental controls so that there would be no pollution and waste-water could be reused safely ensuring a circular economy".

The quality of their services and the transparency of their operations have also helped Ecoparadigm to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele that includes top brand names such as St Martha's Hospital, The Manipal Group, Discovery Village, Good Earth Properties, Brooke fields Resident Welfare Association, United Way Bengaluru, Toyota Kirloskar Motors to name a few. Ecoparadigm has also executed projects overseas in countries like Germany, Bhutan, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, North Korea. Kenya and Iran.

Adding more about the future plans of the company, Pravinjith states, "Going forward, the main thing is that we are going to ‘productise' all our solutions. We are going to engage with IT and digital solutions in a big way. We plan to make systematic changes in current processes focusing on monitoring and optimization. One of the products we are working on is the DTS QT (quick treatment) which is a plug and play natural STP, which is an ideal solution for independent houses that are not connected to natural sewer systems".