Acquisory India Consulting Pvt. Ltd. : Enabling Client’s to Proliferate with their Audit Services

CIO Vendor It was the autumn of 1995 when Sumchit Anandset out to pursue a carrier as a Senior Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. From there he moved on to Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young, Copal Partners, BMR Advisors Pvt Ltd., and Protiviti to hone his advisory skills further. After working in these established names for several years, he realized that mere pointing out the underlying problems doesn’t add much value to the client’s success. Therefore, he decided to form an organization to offer services that are markedly different from the services provided by others in the industry. With this objective in mind, Sumchit founded the Company, Acquisory India Consulting Pvt Ltd, in 2010.

Staying true to its founding principles, the company not only helps its clients identify the underlying problems faced by them, but also engages in providing solutions and implementing those to help clients effectively address such issues. Sumchit, Managing Director, Acquisory India, says, “During my past tenures, I realized that clients like solution providers. Acquisory is here to assist its clients with the complete business cycle.” The company did stumble during its initial years due to the lack of funds. However, by hiring skilled manpower from top consulting companies, it overcame almost all the hurdles. The company works as a solution provider and believes in solutions that are well aligned with the client’s business objectives. By looking broadly into every aspect of the client's business, the company goes beyond just providing solutions; it also ascertains that the clients’ investments are secure and grows with time.
The company primarily started with providing services to only private equity industry, which include telecommunication, finance, manufacturing and asset management. But, quickly Acquisory diversified into other domains and business verticals. At present, the organization serves clients from a variety of industries such as Telecom, Software, Real Estate, Media, and E-commerce. The company’s array of services covers Transaction Services, Asset Management, Valuations, Analytics, Due diligence, Internal Audit, Financial reporting, Risk Management and Operations / Performance Improvement.Over the years Acquisory has witnessed a significant growth in multiple aspects. Currently, the company has ~ 200 full-time employees, spread across its Delhi,Mumbai and Jaipur offices. It is eyeing to start a new brand, named ‘Empower start-ups’, to work closely with start-up companies so that they can focus on their core business and strategy, set up processes, manage finances, and ensures a risk free management. By taking care of critical business functions, it helps clients in executing their expansion plans.

By looking broadly into every aspect of the client's business, Acquisory goes beyond just providing solutions; it also ascertains that the clients investments are secure and grows with time.

Sumchit adds, “We are planning to expand in the southern region and to have global presence in terms of offices and clients.” Additionally, the company is planning to diversify into other verticals. Going with the pace of growth and the quality of its deliverables, Acquisory will certainly achieve its planned milestones soon. Talking about company’s future objectives Sumchit says, “Our motto in the next 1 year is to reach 500 plus resources, and more if our global tie-ups work out. We are looking forward to generating new businesses from the overseas markets as well.”