IpMetrix Consulting Group: A Leading Firm Bringing More Than 10 Years Of Excellence In IP Services In India And Abroad

CIO Vendor The IP regime (Indian Patent Office System) has evolved quite a lot as they have become more resourceful, technology savvy and processes have certainly become more efficient, relatively speaking. Many MNCs have realized that it is difficult to compete in the markets globally without an effective IP strategy as a business tool, resulting in many Indian companies building huge IP portfolios. Offering services in the IP space using the amalgamation of technology, business and legal skills, ipMetrix Consulting Group was established in 2004 with a notion of understanding and recreating the invention of patent applications which often involves describing an invention in a manner that makes it easy for any person in the field to understand the re-create the invention.

Unlike other competitors in the market, ipMetrix is not just a mere enabler of paperwork between clients and the patent office but also assures customer-friendly practices by involving the customers at a pragmatic level. Addressing major challenges such as uncertainty of the industry towards the value of Intellectual Properties, ipMetrix has promptly taken the role of educator and conducts many seminars and talks at almost no cost for the companies to sensitize the community.

A Technology Driven Company
With a gamut of IP registration services which includes protecting inventions, trade/service names and expressions through patents, trademarks, and copyrights, ipMetrix helps customers by handling the entire process so that they can focus on their core competencies. Being one of the first firms in the Indian industry to achieve this milestone since 2006, the pioneering IP patent firm enables its clients to maximize their potential by creating innovative technologies and value generation through cutting-edge and integrated IP services.

Conducting a series of interviews/discussions with engineers and other stakeholders to identify valuable assets that companies can safeguard through IP audit and mining services, ipMetrix helps companies in ending the infringement and thereby stopping any potential loss to business under its infringement and enforcement policy.

“Implementing IP policy and strategy for companies that are in the earlier stages of setting up an IP ecosystem within their company, we help defining the IP policies, train leadership on IP essentials, train engineers on IP basics, and conduct regular audits to aid them to identify IP till they have an established process. We assist our clients in IP Valuation for any outright purchase or licensing and Design turnaround techniques, which are useful
for companies in Innovation and new product development,” states Syed Murtuza, Head of Patent Practice, ipMetrix.

Bridging the existing gap at present in terms of skilled workforce required to offer the right value to customers, ipMetrix Consulting Group is armed with a workforce equipped with techno-legal background and good communication skills to create more prolific avenues for students who want to get trained both technically and legally to succeed in this field. Set out to establish a practice of implementing a customer-centric approach it has been a technology-driven company trying to automate as much as possible, either using in-house technology or available tools/software in the market.

ipMetrix consulting group is equipped with techno-legal background and good communication skills to create more prolific avenues for students who want to get trained both technically and legally to succeed in this field

A pretty flat organization that focuses on hiring good talent with a strong grasp of technology, ipMetrix doesn’t shy from the fast-tracking good talent and providing them with opportunities that they will find hard to get elsewhere in the industry. Having a presence both in India and the US, it seamlessly helps its customers across the borders in India, the US and beyond via its established network of partners around the globe over the last 15 years. Owing to its transparent pricing feature which is unlike other players in the market, ipMetrix doesn’t mark-up prices for international cases but has a fixed transaction fee well-informed to customers.

Future Endeavours
One of the leading firms to offer Designs to increase and accelerate innovation through problem-solving techniques ipMetrix intends to add maximum value to customers through the latest techniques in Innovation and at the same time be the leader in forecasting technology and Technology management. Working with top academic and research institutions including both govt and private, ipMetrix hosts a vibrant client base with fortune 100 companies, mid-range companies and few start-ups as well to promote innovation.

“Our future endeavour is to focus on technology management and technology forecasting that would help R&D companies to plan. Staying abreast with the latest industry trends which is a must for survival in a knowledge-driven field like IP, we conduct regular training programs on various topics so that people are aware of new trends in IP and technology. We are constantly in touch with our customers and based on what we learn from our customers, we are always evaluating our practice and re-adjusting various aspects of our practice. We will incorporate a combination of home-grown and off-the-shelf technologies in the future to help our customers achieve their goals most effectively, and at the same time make our operations efficient”, concludes Shridhar Naganna, Head of Operations, ipMetrix Consulting Group.