Yitro Consulting: A Flag-bearer in the Indian Outsourcing Consultancy Space

CIO Vendor India's outsourcing market is facing a stiff competition from other Asian and South American countries. However, the prevailing competition in the global market has opened up avenues for Outsourcing consultants like us from India to be more assertive and innovative in our approach. Though, we have a clear advantage over other countries in handling technology adoption, scale, and cost, we can still do better in areas such as candidate dependency (Last minute offer rejection), increasing OPEX YoY and cultural alignment.

Yitro Consulting strives to play their part to promote India as an outsourcing destination by attracting Product & Services companies to setup their operations in India. The company handles the complete process of build, operate and transfer/manage before either handing it over to the parent company or they continue to manage the offshore centre. Having addressed challenges and consulted for clients across multiple Geo's covering NA, Europe, EMEA, Africa, India & in locations like Mauritius, Philippines, Australia ­ and Yitro team is truly a global player with a very strong leadership team.

When asked about the inception story of the company and the services offered by the firm, Paul Naveen, who is the Founder and CEO of Yitro Consulting says, "Yitro stands for `Abundance' OR `Excellence'. Four decades corporate experience in project transitions, setting up of offshore centres, Talent supply chain and sales exposed us to various problems faced by organisations with a global presence. Through our experience, we understood there is no "one size fits all" solution and each scenario are unique in nature, and it calls for customized solutions.

We collaborate with our clients and embed ourselves as a part of their organisation to bring about change, enable growth and drive bottom-line
impact. We have created a diversified service portfolio and we offer Business, Operations Consulting and Talent Builder OR Talent supply chain solutions. Our framework and Techniques are built on real-time scenarios and experiences from dealing with a variety of situations at a global scale. We ensure our services are simple and flexible to accommodate the dynamic nature of the business."

The quality and efficiency of their services have helped Yitro Consulting to not only create but also maintain an impressive clientele that includes companies from different industry verticals. Adding more about what separates Yitro Consulting from the rest of the competition and their future, Paul says, "Our solutions are practical and collaborative to the extent it does not become overly dependent on our client's interventions, but they will still experience the emotions of witnessing their offshore venture take wings.

Our robust knowledge backed by a team of SMEs ensures all risks are mitigated and handled appropriately. Like a passenger enjoying a roller coaster ride from the front seat knowing well that he is in safe hands". The head of Operations & founding team member Muralidharan Balan goes on to say "Through our Talent Builder solution, we solve the Talent Supply chain woes of product, Captives and services companies. We have a unique cost-effective solution for all midsized companies and start-ups".

With Yitro consulting the outsourcing services are easy to go and will get the finest experts in required domain

Yitro Continues to focus on their BOT(Build, Operate & Transfer) solutions which has proved to be very useful for companies trying to setup their offshore centres in India. Yitro's Co-founder and Head of technologies initiatives Jesu Valiant quotes "Our technical team helps build products and mature it till the MVP in a crunched time frame and manages cost effectively through our management strategies".

Yitro has aggressive plans to grow this year, they have made investments in terms of adding more people to their existing workforce. Edwin Jebakumar their Head of Sales & a founding team member quotes "We have built a GTM based on Direct Sales channels, Partnerships and References. We are also looking to focus on building organisation's valuation by investing in real estate and building AI products which will help in wealth creation for our employees".