YOMA Multinational Solutions LLP: Linking Employment to Employability through People and Process

CIO Vendor With the ever-changing employment landscape, coupled with the constant advent of new technologies and fresh strategies; the modern human resource sector is altering. This always demands organizations to attract and retain proficient personnel, including incentive structures and career development programs. Keeping up with the demands and dynamics of modern human resource sector has always been a ‘matter of talk’ for organizations. This is where YOMA Multinational Solutions LLP comes into the picture. Incorporated in the year 2012, YOMA was founded by the duos, Souvik Bose and Nishit Sood, who brings in expertise and experience from people supply chain background and banking & financial background respectively. The dynamics of employment industry is constantly changing and the trends and insights associated with it; preceving this know fact, YOMA provides well chiseled services for the key domains in the human resource sector. “We wanted to assist organizations to realize their full people potential by helping them find the right talent, in addition to training and developing their people skills to maximize business and achieve success,” says Souvik Bose, Co-founder and Director of YOMA.

Based out of Gurgaon, YOMA’s services spans across the industry verticals; along with its services the firm endeavors to help clients to improve compliance, cost reduction and get the best out of their human resource. “Our aim is to incubate and deliver capabilities that will dramatically increase the value of our HCM platforms for clients and our expertise lies in finding the right candidates for our clients,” he adds proudly. Unlike others, the firms specializes in providing self furnished technology platforms like Track Smart and V-iring to automate and simplify critical HR processes.

Aiding the clients to run their business in an effective and smooth manner, the firm nourishes and operates Employment (Permanent & Temporary staffing), Employability (Skill based assessment & Training), Platform Platform (Track Smart, V-iring, Health Track, and Payroll) and Consulting advisory Solutions domains accordingly. “From Basic Payroll to Human Capital Management, our comprehensive solutions help clients from hiring to retiring, thus, helping to keep processes simple, accessible, and productive,” expounds Souvik.

Tailored to address individual client needs and unique sector priorities, YOMA’s market offerings are developed by a team of HR specialists, researchers and software developers; to deliver highly automated, intelligent, and predictive solutions. Since its inception the organization has witnessed an exponential 500 per cent year-on-year growth and is poised to cross Rs.100 crore in this financial year. With such a high growth curve, YOMA’s list of reputed clients has been growing with esteemed clients such as AOC, Dish TV, Raymond, RB, Pepsi and One97 Group.

YOMA’s market offerings are developed by a team of HR specialists, researchers and software developers; to deliver highly automated, intelligent, and predictive solutions.

According to Souvik, the firm is poised to be the most comprehensive and preferred provider of HR solutions in the upcoming future, by upgrading their Platform solutions and Business Analytics. By focusing more into Employment, Employability and Platform solutions, the firm will be spreading its wings across South Asia and envisages to be the soup to nuts provider in HR services and solutions. “Our objective is to target companies of all types and sizes, and along with that we are also planning to take our CAGR to 700 per cent,” says Souvik as he sings off.