Vitasta Consulting: Illuminating the Human Capital Path

CIO Vendor Every organization wants its employees to be both productive and successful since a competent workforce helps businesses thrive. Nothing can replace the human element as the most reliable resource, one which is bound to reap immeasurable benefits in the long run. The earlier untapped recruitment industry is rapidly improving and developing talent. However, recruitment has still remained a challenging area, even for established organizations. Human resource providers come as beacons of hope to organizations that seek skilled talent with expertise. Vitasta Consulting is one such beacon that constantly strives to render guidance tothe various organizations across India for their human resource needs.
Started 18 years ago this Thane based HR consulting firm was conceived through the collective efforts of two veterans of the HR industry- Bharti Dhar and Pradeep Dhar. The duo identified a huge gap between the expectations of the professionals and what the HR firms were dishing out. Thus Vitasta was born to present new prospects in a slow moving industry. The company facilitated the inception of a revolutionary CV reception which filtered down the candidates to the most absolute desirable attributes sought by the companies. This also enhanced the speed of the recruitment process thereby providing a great boost to efficiency.
Since its inception, the company has sought to deliver quality services that can reach its clients at the pace dictated by the 21st century industry standards. “Even when we were a three member operation, we had a detailed S.O.P (Standard Operating procedure) to ensure service quality,”says Pradeep who has assumed the position of co-director of Vitasta. Vitasta’s customer centric approach coupled with its process oriented systems has generated speedy and effective results for clients.
Pradeep says, “All processes are built around customer needs.”
Vitasta’s services can be classified into two main areas; Recruitment and HR services. In recruitment, the services are grouped as executive search, search and selection, RPO, search advisory, interim search, diversity search among others. The company provides a truly broad spectrum of HR services to the HR department of any company. In addition to this, Vitasta also provides services such as installation of performance management systems, employee engagement surveys, organization structure re-cast, HRMS implementation, HR policies and systems design, and many others.
Vitasta was among those premier organizations who brought technology in HR services to the mainstream. The company utilizes a heavily customized International ATS that mirrors their business processes developed over years of learning in the trade. All these exclusivities have given it the opportunity to serve major industry players. Some of the leading names include Hindustan Liver, IDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Motilal Oswal Securities, Roche Diagnostics, Clariant raymonds etc. The company’s impressive list of clients is not the only achievement, it has also increased its team size to 35 plus members, introduced a broader range of services and had established a considerable hold over the human resource services industry. While concluding, Pradeep discussed Vitasta’s future plans, “The road map is to build the headcount to 50 and then to 100 in next three years. We have to add at least 30 more clients in HR services Business.”