Multi Recruit: Recruiting the best by Crafting Customized and Cost Effective Services

CIO Vendor In today’scompetitive market, just like finding a job is tough , so is the recruitment of the appropriate candidate from the ocean of potential and eligible contenders.Every industry, which is in need of recruitingskilled candidates has to undertake layers of process to recruit in a cost effective manner. However, most organizations invest a lion’s share of their resources and revenues to seek potential employees. Given their extensive funding, organizations stay behind in competition with other established brands whose financial spendings are far greater than them. Coming as an aid to the recruitment industry by providing quality recruitment solutions, Praveen and Shashank initiated Multi Recruit, promising their clients “Premium Fixed Cost Recruitment Solutions”.
Having established Multi Recruit in 2012, Shashank and Praveen – the masterminds of the company, never had to look back neither in terms of employees nor in terms of clients. What started out as a team of 2, is now a team of 15 employees, which in the next 3 months will turn into a team of 30. The client growth rate has also been positive – from being a startup company, their client size went up being more than 220, with 65-70% being renewals of satisfactory clients coming back for their high end services.
Multi Recruit ascended the apex of the recruiting business at the expense of carefully drawn out strategies and detailed planning.
The company worked extra hard to convince clients about their pre-paid service that offered something new that no other recruitment agencies in the industry possessed at the time.
Building resources and with the support of its capable team, the company saw the sales graphtouching newer heights and have gone up to more than 220 clients in Indiaand abroad, specifically in the UK and Australia.This commendable growth achieved by the company came as a result of the persistent effort and valuable experience ofboth the co founders and the team. Understanding the value proposition and excellent service the clients started backing the services of Multi Recruit, and has set up long term relationships with the company.
As a service oriented company, Multi Recruit offers fixed pre-paid plans, which is a very new concept in India. They offer six recruitment solutions which are customized based on the company budget, team size and the Multi Recruits involvement in their recruitment process.The process involves discussing vacancy needs with clients, advertising for the clients in 20 job boards, mass mailing candidates, filtering the appropriate resumes as per the clients’ needs, scheduling interviews and hiring the best. Emphasising on the uniqueness of the company, PraveenKumar, Founder, Multi Recruitsaid,“Ourcustomer care, customized solutions, value propositionand our experienced team make our clients choose usover other recruiting agencies.” Multi Recruit offersfixed prepaid plans and unlike traditional companies they don’t charge percentage wise 10-15% higher.
Emphasizing on the importance of transparency, Shashank A Vagale, Head of Operations & Co-founder, Multi Recruit said, “We believe that delivery is more important than money. We tell the clients what we can do and what we cannot do and also state to them the market salary as well. It is the transparency which makes the clients keep coming back to us.”
Going forward, Multi Recruit is thriving to conquer startups and small time businesses from India and abroad. Signing off, the founders shared the vision of the company which is to take Multi Recruit towards even more far reaching successes in the recruitment industry.