AceNgage Infoservices: Developing Employee Engagement Initiatives for Better People Management

CIO Vendor It is well known that employees any organisations biggest asset and the most important levers to maintaining a competitive edge for businesses. Technologies are rapidly changing the skill and experience profiles of employees. In such rapidly changing ecosystems, the fine tuning of employee recruitment and engagement activities have come under stress to keep pace with the changing aspirations and motivators for employees. HR teams are struggling to get the right mix of data and analytics on one hand and their views and perceptions on the other. When ill-timed, the situations seems to be worse than actual. In the best of companies the overwhelming feeling is “we are doing a lot of things but the problem still continues”. AceNgage provides an innovative approach more by falling back on basics than create apparently sophisticated but useless newer methods in approaching and solving challenges in the areas of employee engagement and retention. AceNgage specializes in providing HR intelligence and decision support services to diagnose, resolve and monitor employee experience, engagement and retention issues.
In the HR domain, increasing attrition rate and the consequent impact on revenues and profits have long been areas of great concern. AceNgage helps companies understand the root cause of attrition. Fine granular feedback on reasons for disengagement and attrition, leads to a great deal of actionable information and create the basis for solutions to improve employee engagement and retention.
Krish, Founder Director of AceNgage, makes an insightful point, “We need to understand why employees leave, and what are the experiences of the employees while they are in the company. Krish further illustrates the primary goal he had conceptualized while founding the company, “Our goal is to help organizations take care of their people by enabling them to understand their own people management framework. It is hard enough to find good resources, it is therefore absolutely imperative that organizations take great care of them” Ashana K was the other founding member of AceNgage. Both Krish and Ashana have been the main force behind the steady success achieved by the company over the years.

At the core of AceNgage service offerings, is a robust methodology to uncover issues impacting employee experience, engagement and retention

At the core of AceNgage service offerings, is a robust methodology to uncover issues impacting employee experience, engagement and retention across the entire employee lifecycle. Insights into what impacts different parts of the employee lifecycle help organizations fine tune their employee care framework. The need to engage and brand starts well before the first day at work for the employee and well after the employee has left the company, when looked at in its entirety. The company has conducted over 175,000 exit interviews that help them immensely in grasping the factors causing employee dissatisfaction. Dovetailed into this specialized HR intelligence and diagnostics is Coaching for Managers, a key part of the solution in improving engagement and retention. Managers need help to look after their team members. Each one needs help to a different degree and every manager should be at least a 9/10 in terms of people skills. The AceNgage Coaching for Managers is unique in delivering guaranteed transformation of people skills of managers.