Dhital Business Consulting: Crafting Unique Ideas to Help SMEs Achieve Business Objectives and Attain Sustainable Growth

CIO Vendor In India, a small percentage of Indian startups tend to succeed. According to IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics, while 90 percent startups in India are headed for doomsday within the first five years, the remaining 10 percent flourish. These start-ups are generally successful because they are well-funded and have disruptive ideas, persistent founders, good mentors and above all have a strong sense of the market.

There has been a proliferation of startups in India in the FMCG sector. India’s strong consumer base is the key reason for this surge. However during their exploration and journey unit economics starts working against it. Consumer acquisition and retaining becomes a distance dream. In this ecosystem, if a third-party consultant partners with the company’s management and works with senior resources within, it certainly can provide businesses a fresh and outsider perspective.

An industry veteran, Suraj Kumar Sharma, established Dhital Business Consulting in 2018. Popularly known as DBIZ Consulting, the firm offers various services including business strategy, brand portfolio strategy, sales and distribution strategy, and operational effectiveness. A trusted name in its field, the firm also offers capabilities that are beyond consulting -rendering its startup clients with services such as interim CEO or business head for a couple of years until it has established itself and then handing over to a fulltime professional. DBIZ Consulting is also building its own proprietary tool in strategy consulting and brand building.
DBIZ Consulting has worked in the FMCG, Alcobev and Education domains.

“The major contributors behind the success of Dhital Business Consulting are our consultants who are the key pillars of the business .The consultants have guided in learning and helping our clients. All the projects that we received are through our networks. My former bosses were my initial clients, this way our connections have been built further and this has helped us to suceed”, shares Suraj Kumar Sharma, Founder and Director, Dhital Business Consulting.

Popularly known as DBIZ Consulting, the firm offers various services including business strategy, brand portfolio strategy, sales and distribution strategy, and operational effectiveness

In the upcoming years, Dhital Business Consulting is planning to hire young and fresh minds as the business scales up. The company is also planning to build Digital and HR capabilities owing to the increasing demands for digital services and the company aspires to work on strategic and technical aspects of the HR domain. “In next 1 year we are launching our job portal in FMCG Space and launching a App in mental wellness space. Both these startup are bootstrapped by me only”, says Suraj. "We are also extremely excited about Mental Wellness space", adds Suraj.

“At Dhital Business Consulting, we expect to exceed 10 million in profit this year. We are focusing on establishing our footprint across new verticals such as HR. We are also investing in building our own original strategy framework that will create our unique differentiating advantage in the market. I am personally working and giving a lot of time in creating new frameworks which we will be implementing soon in future years. Our company has now capability to set up a business in India with our experienced team that holds strong expertise through a network of consultants in Sales, Marketing, Brand strategy and Business Operations. All our new initiatives will fuel growth and help us establish our identity”, concludes Suraj.