Zomato Evaluates its Last-mile Delivery Service in Business Parks

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 02 April 2024

According to Entrackr, Zomato is presently developing a new service designed to make last-mile meal delivery to office workers in corporate parks easier.

In particular, in offices where access to delivery partners is limited to reception areas, the trial program aims to expedite deliveries inside tech and business parks by guaranteeing on-time deliveries to clients and saving time for its users.

In this experimental project, Zomato has set up mini hubs in Gurugram office buildings. Here, food orders are dropped off by delivery partners and picked up by assigned "walkers" who deliver them straight to consumers on their floors or at their precise locations, the article continued.

According to the article, Zomato has probably negotiated contracts with business parks to get permission for these last-mile delivery services. Furthermore, the organization guarantees a hassle-free experience by designating specialized walkers for each level and reducing the number of calls from delivery partners.

Although the trial is already running at five or six locations in Gurugram, including Unitech Cyber Park, Zomato intends to assess its efficacy before considering a possible expansion of the service to additional large cities.

According to a source referenced in the paper, preliminary data suggests that demand is promising, with one hub reportedly processing between 100 and 150 orders daily.

This last-mile delivery strategy is influenced by comparable models observed in China, where businesses like as Meituan have successfully employed stationed teams to maximize deliveries in regions that are home to a large number of corporate and startup firms.

Although this concept's potential for growth is yet unknown, it is indicative of a larger trend in which logistics firms are looking for creative ways to increase delivery efficiency.

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