YouTube Faces Challenge by Elon Musk's X with its Entry in the TV App

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 24 April 2024

The Elon Musk-owned company X plans to release a TV app to further its presence on television. With this action, X enters the video and entertainment content market in a big way and puts itself in a direct competitive position against industry heavyweights like Alphabet Inc.'s YouTube.

Although the TV app's exact release date is unknown, X has promised users that it would be "coming soon" to the majority of smart TVs. Interestingly, the platform will allow users to project films from smartphones onto bigger TV displays using an app; this is a feature that is similar to previous efforts by major internet companies like Google and Amazon.

Consistent with its objective of prioritizing videos, X has established many prominent collaborations to enhance its content portfolio. But one significant agreement to produce an exclusive show with former CNN presenter Don Lemon apparently fell through when Lemon spoke with Musk.

In response to questions about revenue strategies, X said he was open to investigating many kinds of collaborations, including the potential for adding adverts. This is consistent with Musk's plan to transform X—formerly known as Twitter—into a complete "everything app" in order to diversify income sources and set itself apart in the crowded social media market. Prior to this, Musk has identified LinkedIn, a division of Microsoft Corp., and YouTube as important goals for X's growth.

In a move that demonstrated the platform's increasing user demand for video content, X said that in the previous 30 days alone, users had viewed an astounding 23 billion minutes of video. This figure highlights X's ability to profit on its user base's propensity for consuming video-based content.

Long-form video support for smart TVs was previously only mentioned in Elon Musk's response on X, "Coming soon," to a user's question about the potential for this capability. The upcoming X TV app is anticipated to resemble Google's YouTube TV app, according sources quoted by Fortune. This indicates Musk's intention to take on the well-known video-sharing website.

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