YouTube Against Ad Blockers: Google's Target on Third-party Applications

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 16 April 2024

By launching a mobile campaign against ad blockers, YouTube has intensified its attack against the platform. The video-sharing website issued a warning to users on Monday, saying that using third-party ad-blocking apps on mobile devices might cause buffering issues or show an error message saying, "The following content is not available on this app."

This action is in line with YouTube's earlier campaigns, in which the company asked people all around the world to either accept commercials when watching videos or upgrade to YouTube Premium. Furthermore, the website started to disable videos for users who were using ad-blocking plugins.

YouTube has now reaffirmed its position, saying that it is against its standards for third-party apps to turn off advertisements as it makes it more difficult for producers to get money from viewers. This regulation appears to be directed at mobile ad blockers like AdGuard, which allows users to watch YouTube videos continuously within its app.

"We only permit third-party apps to utilise our API under compliance with our API Services Terms of Service," says YouTube. "In instances where we identify an app violating these terms, we will take necessary measures to safeguard our platform, creators, and audience."

YouTube reiterates the offer to subscribe to the ad-free YouTube Premium in order to combat this. Although customers who are used to watching YouTube using ad-blocking software might not be pleased with this development, it shows that YouTube is still adamant about its opposition to ad blocks.

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