X, Formerly Known as Twitter Brings New Subscription Plan

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 18 October 2023

X, formerly known as Twitter, will begin charging $1 (Rs 84) a year to customers in New Zealand and the Philippines. The company is experimenting with a new subscription approach called "Not a Bot" for users in New Zealand and the Philippines. This is exclusively for new users who sign up, not existing users.

According to the corporation, the purpose of this test is to improve the platform by minimizing spam, fraudulent accounts, and automated bots that cause problems. To do this, X charges new users a tiny fee when they register an account. Nothing will change for those who already utilize the platform. This test is only available to new users in these two countries.

"As of October 17th, 2023, we've started testing "Not A Bot," a new subscription method for new users in two countries." This new test was created to supplement our already extensive efforts to combat spam, platform manipulation, and bot activity. This will assess a potentially significant approach to assist us in combating bots and spammers on X, while balancing platform accessibility with the low cost amount. Existing users are unaffected by this test," the business noted in a blog post.

The new process consists of two steps: phone verification and plan selection in the second. New X signups in these countries will require users to first authenticate their phone number. New users must pay an annual charge to utilize the platform's web version, which varies based on the location and currency they are in.

They will be able to do a variety of things with this charge, including uploading content, enjoying other people's posts, reacting to them, sharing (reposting) or quoting their posts, and saving posts to keep for later. As a result, there is a cost to use the platform's capabilities.


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