With Gmail's Latest AI-powered Feature, you can Compose Emails with just your Voice

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 23 January 2024

A new AI tool that Gmail may release could alter how users create emails. The 'Draft email with voice' function is a new tool that allows users to compose emails with just their voice. During the company's I/O 2023 event, Google unveiled the 'Help me Write' feature, which lets users compose an entire email draft in a matter of seconds by simply responding to text prompts. According to the corporation, the functionality leverages Google's cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms to yield superior outcomes.

Google explained the function in a blog post: "Just enter in the prompt and tap create to see a full draft emerge. Although it appears to be quite near to what you want to send, you might want to make some more edits. However according to a recent article from TheSpAndroid, which was referenced by Android Police, users will soon be able to speak to Gmail to specify the type of email they want to write, and the Google-owned software will compose the message appropriately.

According to the study, as soon as users begin composing a new email or replying to one, an audio typing interface with a large microphone button opens automatically. After a user taps the microphone, a voice recording begins, and after they're done speaking, they can click "Create." Gmail will begin using artificial intelligence to draft an email as soon as you click "Create." 

The article did issue a warning, stating that because the code strings associated with the update were initially discovered back in October 2023, it is unclear when the new function would be included in the official version of Gmail.

In other news, Gmail is enabling unsubscribing to emails on its web and mobile platforms. The internet giant is creating two separate buttons, "Report spam" and "Unsubscribe," under the "Report spam & unsubscribe" category.

Google stated, "We know managing unwanted emails is a source of frustration for many users," when announcing the new improvements through a Google Workspace update. To help users stay safe, we introduced new policies for bulk senders a few months ago. We're now rolling out additional features to make it even simpler to unsubscribe from unsolicited emails in Gmail on mobile and the web."


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