Why You Should Include Call Cards In Your Branding Strategy

By Peter, Content Writer Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Why You Should Include Call Cards In Your Branding StrategyAny business, regardless of size or industry, must differentiate its brand from the competition. One marketing tool that you can use for effective brand recognition is call cards or business cards. They typically include basic company information, such as a logo, website address, or physical location. They also contain telephone numbers and email addresses. You can also go further and add other relevant data like services offered and special offers. 

Call Cards As A Branding Strategy

As mentioned earlier, call cards provide a unique way to present your brand identity tangibly and memorably. But, apart from physical business cards, you'll greatly benefit from having digital ones in this age of digitalization. To ensure the latter's quality, you'll need a digital business card app to help you develop a unique and effective layout that contains all the necessary information about your brand. .

Here are other reasons you need call cards in your branding strategy:

1.  They Enhance Your Visibility And Customer Awareness

Call cards are a great way for your business to gain visibility among potential customers. A well-designed card helps build brand recognition and makes people associate you with high-quality offerings. This is especially true when launching new products or services into marketplaces where competition is fierce.

By including information about your products and services, you also allow potential customers to learn more about them. This can be advantageous when they're trying to decide which brand best suits their needs.

2.  They’re Cost-Effective

Business cards are a low-cost marketing solution, allowing you to easily expand your promotional efforts beyond traditional advertising channels such as television or radio. Your company doesn't have to spend large sums to generate them and see results.

These cards are also much cheaper because people can just pick them up. They don't have to spend anything, making them ideal for cost-conscious customers. Additionally, they allow you to get the word out about your promotional offers, like discounts. This is something that most usual advertisements can’t do effectively due to cost constraints.

3.  They Help Establish Professionalism And Credibility

One of the main advantages of call cards is they give off a professional image. They can contribute toward establishing credibility among existing and prospective clients and customers.This could be especially beneficial when marketing products or services online where physical contact isn't always possible. The impression you give off won’t just make people remember your business better. It ‘ll also encourage them to trust you enough to purchase from or work with you again.

4.  They Allow You To Capitalize On Networking Opportunities

Having call cards readily available during networking events, such as trade shows and conferences, is essential. They help you create new relationships you can utilize down the line. This allows easy access to new networks and easily connect with others within your industry or outside of it. You're also introduced to information about other brands. With such connections, you open up your business to more opportunities that benefit your brand.

5.  They’re Good For Customer Retention

By implementing a consistent branding strategy across all call cards, your business has greater control over how consumers perceive it. You also determine what information about your company sticks. An example is a constant website URL address customers can always use to find your business.

Furthermore, if you consistently offer special offers, include them in the design. People will know exactly how much they'd save by switching over. This ensures your brand is recognized and your retention of new and existing customers is higher.

6.  They Offer Convenience

Business cards are incredibly convenient as they're small, lightweight, and easy to carry in pockets or wallets. This is beneficial because you readily have the necessary information when a business connection opportunity arises. You don't fumble through your phone and stuff trying to find them, which makes you lose credibility. You can also easily distribute them in public places, such as libraries and restaurants, with high foot traffic.

These cards also make it easy for customers to contact your business quickly and efficiently. Clients can use them easily without being required to have any prior knowledge or having done any research. All the necessary information is on the cards, so they can simply pick up the phone or email you. Most customers are more likely to do this than search through websites or directories to get to you.

7.  You Can Customize Your Cards For Better Appeal

Business cards also allow your company to incorporate a personal touch whenever customers interact with your brand. For example, a unique selling point like 'Free Delivery Over $50!' could be used strategically. You can also feature imagery depending on the customer base you wish to attract. For instance, you can use pictures associated with certain lifestyle aspects, like eco-friendly products or services.

In addition, you can add custom handwritten notes or messages to your cards to make them extra special. This shows that your company cares about its clients and is willing to go above and beyond what most others do. Ultimately, this helps create an even better overall experience.

Call cards are a great way to reach potential customers and build brand recognition quickly. They're cost-effective and lightweight yet eye-catching when designed and customized correctly.

All these reasons make them ideal for any business looking to make an impact on its audience.

How To Create An Effective Call Card To Include In Your Marketing Arsenal

A successful call card needs careful planning to resonate with its intended market. Here are some tips you may need to consider when designing yours:

1.  Keep It Simple And Clean

Aim for simplicity over complexity when creating a call card design. Too much information crammed into a small space can be overwhelming and hard to read. Try to use only necessary information that’s easy for viewers to understand.

2.  Make Use Of Color

Colors are incredibly potent in marketing. They give you the ability to communicate your brand's message more effectively. For instance, bright colors grab attention, while muted tones help convey a calming vibe. Pick one or two primary colors, then create an effective color scheme around them. This way, your card design will look neat.

3.  Have A Call To Action

Any advertisement piece, including call cards, aims to persuade people to take action. You can ask them to visit your website, sign up for a newsletter, and other steps they can take. You'll want to include clear instructions on how to do this using verb-based phrases like 'Call Now' or 'Shop Today.' Encouraging visual cues like arrows pointing toward where you're leading them also works.

4.  Quality Matters

When investing money into printing physical copies of your call cards, ensuring the best possible quality is crucial. Print using high-quality paper stock and choose a professional printing service that offers full-color options. This will be an effective way to ensure your cards won't fade away and look old or feel cheap after a while.

Considering the above factors will help you ensure you have an effective call card that won't disappoint your clients and customers.

Wrapping It Up

Call cards are a valuable asset when it comes to ensuring brand integrity. They're necessary tools as your company aims to gain a competitive edge in today's digital age. If you aren't using contact cards already, consider adding them to your branding campaign today.

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