Why Wealth Management is the New Essential for Businesses amid Covid-19 Pandemic

By Rohan A T Monday, 06 April 2020

Why Wealth Management is the New Essential for Businesses amid Covid-19 Pandemic

The world is now going through one of its toughest stages over the course of the last couple of months. The Covid-19 virus or more commonly known as the Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. People from all walks of life have been adversely affected by the virus and the world nations are working round the clock to contain the further spread of the virus. The world economy has also taken a massive hit due to this global pandemic. All businesses apart from the essential industries such as food, and pharmaceutical are closing down their operations due to the lockdown that are prevailing in most of the countries all around the world. This scenario has had a massive impact on the performance and operations of all the companies that are operating in all the various industry verticals. It is in these kinds of situations that the importance of wealth management comes into play.

Simply defined, wealth management is the art of custom creating financial and investment strategies by utilizing the most appropriate financial services and products. The number of wealth management advisory service providers in India is increasing rapidly owing to the increasing demand for expert players entering the market to offer premier wealth management services. According to a recent study conducted on the global wealth management industry, it was found that the sector is expected to achieve an estimated value of 3.20billion US dollars by 2022 clocking in a CAGR of 13.4 percent. Wealth management is a crucial aspect of modern-day businesses and fully optimized wealth management strategies can offer multiple advantages for an organization. Especially in this unprecedented situation, businesses across the various industry strata can benefit from proper wealth management.

Some important reasons that make wealth management a handy tool amidst this Covid-19 Pandemic are:

  • Helps to Deal with Financial Loses: This is one obvious reason that makes wealth management an essential technique that will help companies to deal with the situations, that the majority of the companies are going through as of now owing to the spread of Covid-19 and the lockdowns. Proper wealth management will take into account the risks that might arise in the future and find provisions to tackle those risks. Currently, businesses, both big and small, old and new are facing various issues and wealth management can to a certain extent help companies to cope up with the current market situations.
  • Formulating Future Plans: One of the most recurring questions that all of us are asking now is what happens when all this is over. Well, business leaders will also be facing the dilemma of charting out an effective future path that will help the company to comeback from this state of turmoil. One essential element of formulating these future plans is to have a viable financial stability and if the company has been smart with its wealth management for a long time, then they will at least have sufficient cash reserves to help them get going post Covid-19. This can prove a massive difference in the time to come, owing to the fact that the economy and all of the major industries have taken a step back due to Covid-19.
  • Ensuring Sustained Growth: Surviving in the market for some time is in itself a tough task to accomplish but achieving sustained growth is a whole different ball game. No one can really predict, in what state the market will be in after Covid-19. So, it is crucial that businesses should be able to deal with a plethora of possible scenarios in order to ensure further growth in the sector. The most essential element to have growth is ample financial strength and proper wealth management will ensure that businesses have a certain level of financial stability to continue operating in the industry.

The truth of the matter is that almost all the industry verticals are adversely affected by the spread of Covid-19 and businesses should be prepared for the worst when the situation settles. In these tough times, wealth management can be useful for businesses that are operating in all the industries regardless of their size to acquire some kind of financial stability that will enable them to prepare themselves for the various market conditions that might happen post Covid-19.

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