Why Tech Companies Use Assessment Tests in Job Interviews

By Paras, content writer Tuesday, 20 December 2022


Paras, content writer

Almost all employers in the tech industry require job candidates to take assessments sooner or later. Like other interview tests, technical assessments are an excellent way for hiring managers to find out the candidates that are qualified for the job. Technical assessment tests may vary between industries or company departments, but the fact is that they are essential components of successful hiring strategies.

Let’s talk about some of the reasons employers in tech companies invest in conducting tech assessment tests during recruitment.

To Differentiate Candidates and Hire More Accurately

During hiring, tech company employers have the best interests of their companies and job candidates as well. They hope they can source only accurately skilled employees from a vast pool of candidates with similar qualifications, experiences, and skills to match the job requirements. Tech assessment tests ensure that.

They usually help avoid hiring the wrongfully skilled employee. Employing the wrong person for a tech job can be very costly in the long run due to the extra training or education needed. Therefore, these assessment tests are vital for tech companies to hire right.

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To Practically Identify One’s Knowledge

Employers in tech fields can get a good idea or picture of someone’s skills from their education history. But this doesn’t ascertain tech aptitude. The tech industry often calls for a more practical or hands-on approach to the jobs.

Understanding something in class for certification and understanding well enough to use a particular skill to actually solve a problem are two different things. The best example of this are SQL tests that focus on the candidate’s practical skills.

Generally, tech employers favor practical skills over the understanding born out of theory. With tech assessments, employers can precisely identify existing gaps between practical and theoretically acquired tech ability.

For Reduced Discrimination or Bias During Recruitment

Sadly, discrimination and bias are still prevalent in hiring. The unconscious preference for certain things in job candidates is a psychological trap that many hiring managers are still in. Even though there are many people who feel that technical job assessments are unnecessary, they can significantly help reduce recruitment discrimination and bias. After all, the objective data gathered from one’s performance and knowledge is what employers use to gauge and hire candidates.

Quantification of Candidates’ Soft Skills

You might think that a technical assessment test favors hard skills and overlooks soft skills. However, these tests can reveal a candidate’s soft skills. Soft skills such as creativity, patience, and problem-solving, to name a few, become evident even as one undergoes a technical assessment.

The implication is that tech assessment tests help recruiters see why soft skills are essential in a candidate. This is very valuable since such skills can be challenging for recruiters to identify or judge from resumes or interviews only.

To Enhance Candidate/Individual Experience

Technical assessment tests offer an engaging hiring experience. They boost a candidate’s experience since they present to each one a chance to showcase their abilities. In addition, these tests can help a candidate learn new skills required in the industry. Through this, someone can improve their skill set. In the long run, improved skill sets can be beneficial for individuals and companies at large.

For Faster Hiring/ Expediting Unnecessary High-Volume Hiring

Take a scenario where you are actively searching for a tech job; the likelihood is that you want to settle or get the job as soon as possible. However, most of the time, and for different reasons, the process may seem inefficient or moving slowly. This ultimately leaves you and the recruiter in limbo.

Recruiters may be challenged by identifying top job talent, and you may be left lingering in unemployment. But with technical assessments, hiring guesswork is eliminated.

The tests also help recruiters figure out candidates that may need advancement to the next hiring step- they can shorten the hiring process granting you and the employer a win-win situation.

Final Thoughts

Even though assessment tests done by tech companies may seem intimidating, they are great tools for recruiters to identify talent, make well-educated hiring selections, and source qualified candidates. You definitely cannot ignore them as an employer.

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