Why It's Important To Hire A DUI Rome Lawyer During Your Case

By Consultants Review Team Tuesday, 14 April 2020


Consultants Review Team

A lawyer that specializes in DUI cases is the best thing that can happen to anyone in Rome, New York, who got caught with driving under the influence. Many people in Rome mistakenly think that a DUI charge is something easy to solve, but if someone isn't careful, it's likely to cost them a lot.

When facing legal charges, the possibility of financial strain often becomes the biggest worry for those individuals who are being prosecuted. It’s the reason why some defendants choose to avoid hiring an attorney to save themselves money. The problem is that doing so could cost them a lot more in the long run.

It would be best to look for and hire a good DUI Rome lawyer to represent you when you're caught with a DUI charge. An attorney will do their best to make sure that you won't suffer from the many penalties and fines that come with getting charged of driving under the influence. That's way more comfortable than having to represent yourself in such a challenging time. You can click here for more helpful information about DUI Rome lawyers.

If you’re still in doubt of whether a DUI lawyer can help you, below are reasons why hiring one is important.

1. Helps You Make The Right Decisions

Pleading not guilty vs. guilty is a decision that you shouldn't have to make all by yourself. Sometimes, there can be a sort of gray area within your case, such as when your blood alcohol concentration was just barely above the limit, and it could make things a bit more complicated.

In such a scenario, it's wise to consult a DUI lawyer for some legal advice before deciding what to plea. Always remember that every case is different, so you can't always find one answer to all problems. That's the reason why hiring an attorney and having a legal expert by your side is a good idea – you'll have someone to help you make proper decisions, increasing your chances of getting an even better outcome.

2. Increases The Chances Of Getting Your Charges Dropped

When a good DUI Rome lawyer is assisting in your case, you'll benefit from the increased chances of getting the charges against you dropped. These legal experts know the best possible ways to negotiate in order to avoid your case from being brought to court in the first place. That, of course, is the best thing that can happen to anyone who got caught driving under the influence.

Every DUI lawyer aims to have the client's case withdrawn or thrown out before it gets taken to court. Successfully getting the case withdrawn or thrown out prevents the need to plead for a fair judgment.

3. Helps You With Sentence Bargaining

In some cases, there may be an opportunity for sentence bargaining. Again, consulting with a legal expert could help lower the charges.

For example, instead of getting charged with drunk-driving, you can get away with reckless driving instead, depending, of course, on the situation's severity.

A DUI lawyer in Rome, New York, knows the best possible steps to take and communicates appropriately to increase the likelihood of you getting the least punishment possible.

4. Educates You About The Laws And Your Rights

Unfortunately, not all US citizens are well-versed when it comes to their rights. If you think that you lack knowledge of the laws in Rome regarding incidents where a person drives under the influence or are unaware of your rights, then hiring a lawyer is your best bet. This way, you'll have someone who won't only educate you but also stand up for you.

5. Protects Your Job

Background information check is a standard in many jobs. Unfortunately, employers consider criminal charges as a deciding factor in determining what's next for your career.

If a DUI charge has the potential to inhibit your career path or maybe cause you to lose your current job, then the wisest thing to do is to hire a DUI attorney to help you avoid trouble at all costs.

6. Helps You Avoid Severe Charges When Your DUI Involved An Accident

A police officer on the street can pull you over for a DUI because of different reasons. A DUI originating from semi-erratic driving is one thing, but if the DUI involved an accident or there were any lives at risk, expect the charges to be a lot more severe.

Despite the latest safe-driving technologies present in automobiles and other vehicles today, accidents can still really happen. If you, unfortunately, get caught in that situation, it's imperative to hire a DUI Rome lawyer to represent you.

7. Helps You Avoid Severe Charges Because Of Being A Second Offender

Even if your DUI didn’t involve an accident, but you already are a second offender, sentencing is still likely to be more severe. Again, having a DUI lawyer by your side in such a situation gives you the best fighting chance to avoid being flooded with enormous amounts of penalties.


If you or someone you know is facing a drunk-driving charge, you've got to seriously consider hiring an attorney. Having a DUI lawyer by your side won't only represent you legally, but will also give you the much-needed peace of mind knowing an expert is on your team.

Humans make mistakes, but all deserve to be represented.

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