Who the trampoline is good for, who should avoid it

By Consultantsreview Team Monday, 14 December 2020

Who the trampoline is good for, who should avoid itJumping on a trampoline looks easy. A little momentum – and hops! A somersault looks great, but it's more of a marathon: the heart begins pumping more rapidly. For some, the sport is taboo.

The heart starts pumping faster after a few minutes. And a few minutes later, there is still a bit of tweaking in the calves: When you work out on the trampoline, your body quickly gets going. Now let's jump a little higher and take your arms with us.

Trampoline for health – including psyche

You jump on the larger trampolines and during rebound training on the smaller indoor equipment. Why is this so popular? It's something unusual, a nice movement. Everyone likes to jump, it's just that it's fun.

According to the experts, trampoline training or workout is very effective. You need around 400 muscles to jump, explains sports expert Nolan Harris. Jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes is like jogging for 30 minutes. The cardiovascular system is stressed. That's always what surprises people the most because jumping looks so difficult and effortless – you quickly forget what a cardio workout it is. "It's really extremely demanding."

Balancing is also important; this is already the case when you move back and forth on your feet to warm up on the trampoline. The muscles are also strengthened, including the entire leg muscles, the arm muscles, and when the knees are squat jumps, the abdominal muscles. The back extensors in particular would be extremely stressed. The fitness industry is crazy about it because it is a holistic workout like swimming.

The current trend is called trampoline fitness

For adults there are many ways to use the trampoline as a workout equipment. The trampoline fitness trend has established itself in the studios and halls, which is primarily aimed at endurance.

We use professional hexagon and square trampolines here. The sporting challenge consists of various step sequences that follow classic aerobic exercises. The rhythms are set by fast music, legs, knees and arms can be boost up in this way. The program is expanded with additional stretching and strength exercises.

Get rid of aggression on the trampoline

However, the training doesn't stop with the body: "The stress reduction is just tip top." This is especially the case when jumping quickly on the small trampolines, where you hold on to bars while exercising. Moving quickly with your feet on the net alleviates stress in the same way as boxing with a punching bag. “It's easy to get rid of your aggressions.”

Overall, workout on the trampolines is very easy and also the injury risk is rather low, but accidents often happen. In this context, it is very important to prepare a little, to enter slowly – and not to become too daring too quickly.

Exercise experts advise to warm up your legs and arms a little first. Then you swing a little on the net to get a feel for the movement. You can also walk back and forth a bit. The next step: low jumps.

Increase exercises in trampoline jumping

It can go a little higher, now pull the trigger with the balls of the feet and tips. Then, you can try jumping jacks or jumps that draw your knees. Later, you might try a screw on yourself.

Nolan Harris further advises jumping for ten minutes and then taking a break, don't even start running marathons. Somersaults are taboo at the beginning. For the somersault, you should have some experience and definitely let an expert show you how to do it. Otherwise, there is an injury risk without warming up and with too much cockiness.

When choosing a trampoline work-out, good support is very important. Even when doing exercises on normal ground, you need guidance, such as the squat because the subsurface moves, care is even more important.

Who shouldn't be on the trampoline

Especially, at the beginning you should make sure that the course is a little smaller. And, you should also avoid high jumping until you have got used to the movements and become a little fitter.

There are also people who are better stay away from the jumping, such as pregnant women. Those who have problems with their backs, who may have had an injury to their spine, should also avoid jumping on trampoline. The same applies to those with ligament injuries in the knee or foot.

With the right conditions, jumping courses are not only good for general fitness, also good for using it in preparation for your next skiing holiday. It helps you build up your stamina, you must follow the preventive measures for the knees when the feet are turned in and out.

Snowboarders can practice on tramp boards

For snowboarders there are so-called tramp boards, with which you can practice tricks on the trampoline. In addition, a course will revolve around freestyle tricks – a team of course trainers come for this training. And if you are already a little fitter, after your regular work-out on the trampoline. You may be able to try cross-fit training in the future, where equipment, such as medicine balls and exercise bands are also added to workouts. However, this is really something for advanced learners with all kinds of coordination.

Trampoline for adults

Jump fit: trampoline is the new trend sport for adults. Anyone who has ever been able to watch children on a trampoline will have noticed their fun and enthusiasm. Why shouldn't you feel the same way? For adults, trampoline is muscle training and fat burner at the same time. It is a piece of sports equipment for good mood and motivation. In which muscles, tendons and ligaments are strengthened with every jump.

Regular trampoline jumping also stimulates the sense of balance. It strengthens the body and increases endurance continuously.

What are the advantages of a trampoline for adults?

  • Strengthening muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Stimulates fat burning and metabolism.
  • Boosting the cardiovascular system.
  • Increase in stamina, body stability and strength.

The desired effects can already be felt after ten to 20 minutes of workout. So regular jumping can be used to prevent osteoporosis. Other positive effects relate to increasing endurance and strength as well as general flexibility. Tensions are released over the long term and back pain can be prevented. When jumping, fat burning is stimulated. Trampoline jumping can temporarily replace an adult's workout in the gym.

Ideal sports equipment for beginners and those who don't like fitness

Shortly after jumping on the trampoline, beginners and those who don't like fitness will experience success. The pressure on the trampoline surface when it hits the ground is perceived as pleasant, the short flight phases create euphoria, the swing and jump phases make you want more. This differs from training with the sports equipment on one of the many machines in the fitness studio, which are usually only about functional aspects.

For beginners, it is advisable to start with light exercises in order to strengthen the coordination skills. At the beginning it is enough to only jump as high as your own safe feeling dictates and the focus is on fun. Gradual increases in safety and experience are virtually inevitable. This also increases the targeted demands. This example clearly shows why trampoline jumping is also pushing another well-known headline: "Get fit and healthy!"

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