WhatsApp New Function Might Allow Users To See Documents Without Downloading

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 11 April 2024

With millions of users worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging programs in India. Checking WhatsApp messages and interacting with friends and family is how most people start their days. Additionally, the Meta-owned business has launched a number of new features to improve the user experience in the past several months. There are already rumors that WhatsApp is developing a new function that would facilitate document sharing among users.

WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature for Android, according to a report in WA Beta Info. According to the report, the chat app is considering adding document previews. This implies that you will see a thumbnail of a document before you open it when you share it. It's similar to a sneak peek and will help you locate the correct document in your conversation more quickly because you'll be able to see its appearance without having to open it. You'll find this useful, particularly when sharing images or movies, as previews let you assess the document's contents without opening it.

As of right now, the recipient of a photo or video shared over WhatsApp as a document cannot access it until they download it. This issue will be fixed with the next feature.

In addition, it has been stated that WhatsApp is developing a feature that will recommend contacts for chats. These contacts are people who the user hasn't spoken to in a while, according to reports.

Prior reports said that the functionality was exclusive to Android users, although the most recent WA Beta Info article stated that iOS users will also be receiving it.

A screenshot released by WA Beta Info indicates that the new feature, which is supposed to improve communication, is being given to a small group of beta testers. Easily accessible at the bottom of the list of chats, this feature allows users to jump straight to possible new talks without interfering with their current ones.

It's important to note that users may simply opt out of receiving recommendations for starting new chats by closing the dedicated section found at the bottom of the list of chats. Although WA Beta Info is a trustworthy source, it should be noted that WhatsApp hasn't yet revealed the feature yet, so we will need to wait for an official announcement.

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