WhatsApp is Testing a 'View Once' Function for Voice Notes

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 23 October 2023

WhatsApp, Meta's instant messaging network, is apparently going to expand the "View Once" function to include voice messages. It simply means that the audio message will be deleted after the recipient hears it. According to The Verge, this function is now in beta testing and is only available to a small number of Android and iOS users.

The feature, according to the source, is accessed by tapping a little '1' icon that appears while recording a voice note. The sender will be unable to listen to the voice note after sending it with the view once option activated, and the recipient will not be able to return to the message after dismissing it once.

WhatsApp has had the "View Once" option for sharing photos and videos since 2021, and it is scheduled to be expanded to voice notes soon.

WhatsApp announced earlier this month that Android users would be able to access their accounts via Passkeys. It was announced in a post on social media platform X (previously Twitter) that the new security option will allow users of Android smartphones to login using biometrics such as fingerprints and facial scans, as well as a security pin.

Passkey authentication is an opt-in feature that, with the user's agreement, replaces the SMS-based one-time-password login technique. The authentication technique is now available for Android users, but Meta has not revealed any information about Passkey for iOS devices.


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