WhatsApp is Releasing a New Feature for Users of iOS

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 12 June 2024

WhatsApp often adds new features in an effort to enhance the user experience. As to the most recent rumors from WA Beta Info, a reliable source for information on WhatsApp, the messaging service owned by Meta is developing a new feature that would facilitate communication with your loved ones. It was announced a few days ago that WhatsApp is developing a favorites tab for conversations.

Now, iOS users can now take advantage of this functionality, which will make it simpler to find and get in touch with the individuals you chat to the most.

WhatsApp is developing a new function

iOS users will be able to filter their favorite groups and conversations under a different tab as part of the new functionality, allowing them to access them anytime they'd like. The magazine released a snapshot of WhatsApp that appears to show users how to organize and favorite the conversations they use the most. Users will benefit from this filter as it will make it easier to distinguish between frequent contacts and others.

The App Store changelog does not formally mention the functionality. However, WABetaInfo can vouch for WhatsApp's impending feature release.

How is the feature operated?

A snapshot of the Favorites chat feature was posted by WABetainfo. The feature's explanation in the screenshot is, "Make it easy to find the people and groups that matter most across WhatsApp."

By pressing the "Add to Favorites" button, users may manually add their conversations to their Favorites in this function. This option can be seen toward the bottom of the page in the screenshot.
According to reports, users will have the ability to add, move, and remove conversations as they see fit.

WhatsApp's New Ranking Function

Concurrently, WhatsApp was said to be developing a new rating tool for status updates in a prior WA Beta Info article. With the help of this function, the status updates from significant contacts are always shown at the top of the list, regardless of their chronological order.

In particular, WhatsApp will give priority to connections that hold greater significance for the user. Additionally, the app will always display its own status updates at the top of the list to guarantee that users always receive critical information and updates straight from the source.

WhatsApp created a rating algorithm that prioritizes connections by taking into account many characteristics, resulting in data that identify significant contacts. These elements include recent messaging, which reflects the relevance and immediacy of interactions; pinned contact, which prioritizes pinned chats within the Updates tab; and expiring status updates, which guarantee users see timely updates before they vanish. Frequent contact indicates a higher level of interaction and importance.

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