WhatsApp Devised Password-Less ‘Passkey Feature’ For Android Users

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 18 October 2023

WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, has revealed plans to release a password-free passkey function for Android users. This project aims to improve security and simplicity by removing the need for traditional two-factor SMS authentication, which may be both insecure and inconvenient.

Meta's WhatsApp has revealed plans to introduce a password-free passkey capability for Android users. By eliminating the requirement for standard two-factor SMS authentication, which may be both insecure and inconvenient, this initiative intends to increase security and simplicity.

Although passkeys were initially tested in WhatsApp's beta channel, they are now ready for wider deployment. Nonetheless, no information is currently known regarding the addition of WhatsApp passkeys for iPhone users.

The business has stated that Android passkey functionality will be introduced progressively in the next weeks and months. Passkeys are an alternative to regular passwords that use the authentication techniques built into your device.

Apple and Google, for example, have already implemented passkey functionality for their respective user bases. Google recently actively urged its customers to switch from regular passwords to passkeys in order to improve security.

What exactly are passkeys?

For those who are unaware, passkeys are a relatively new technological invention that eliminates the need to rely on standard login and password combinations, such as the two-factor authentication technique. Passkeys, according to WhatsApp's release, simplify the procedure for users by requiring only their face, fingerprint, or PIN to unlock and obtain access to their WhatsApp accounts.

Phishing attempts can exploit usernames and passwords. Furthermore, Passkeys need the individual's actual presence to connect into their messaging app account, increasing the barrier for possible 'bad actors' attempting to hack accounts.

The Verge reports that the business had been testing this option in its beta channel. WhatsApp emphasized in a statement supplied to TechCrunch that Passkeys will improve the ease and security of the login process. The Meta-owned service stated that this 'extra layer of protection' will be gradually implemented in the next weeks and months. Notably, no information was supplied on the possible inclusion of this feature for iOS-powered devices.


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