Wadhwani Foundation Introduces AI Co-Pilots to Boost Youth Employability

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 08 February 2024

The Wadhwani Foundation has introduced three novel AI Co-Pilots designed to bolster the employability of youths and young adults nationwide. This launch marks a significant addition to the Foundation's Genie.AI platform, which utilizes artificial intelligence to provide upskilling opportunities, particularly for individuals from underserved communities, as detailed in the press release.

Genie.AI, the Foundation's flagship platform, offers over 1000 hours of skilling and entrepreneurship content, supported by a network of experts and mentors. Available in English and Hindi, with plans for expansion into other Indian languages, the platform collaborates with government and global entities to facilitate learning for a broad audience, with the goal of reaching 10 million learners by 2027. The AI Co-Pilot functionality aims to amplify the impact of the Genie.AI platform by furnishing each learner with a suite of robust tools tailored to accelerate their acquisition of employability skills, customized to their desired job roles.

Ajay Kela, President and CEO of Wadhwani Foundation, emphasized the importance of equipping job seekers with critical employability skills, transcending socio-economic barriers to learning through AI-enabled solutions. He articulated the vision of cultivating a workforce that is not only prepared for current job demands but also adaptable to future challenges.

Sunil Dahiya, Executive Vice President of Wadhwani Foundation, underscored the organization's commitment to empowering individuals with essential in-demand skills such as adaptability and digital proficiency, in response to evolving workplace dynamics. The Foundation's AI-driven platform and industry-led training initiatives aim to equip job seekers with the requisite proficiencies for success in a rapidly changing job market.

Recognizing that employers seek candidates with a diverse skill set encompassing technical knowledge, effective communication, adaptability, customer-centricity, professionalism, and innovation, among others, the Wadhwani Foundation has unveiled three innovative AI Co-pilots: My Tutor, My Mentor, and My Interview Coach.

My Tutor personalizes the learning experience by offering immediate assistance and tailored content, allowing users to ask questions for clarification during lessons, engage in targeted skill practice, and receive guidance aligned with their career goals.

My Mentor enhances the teaching experience by providing faculty with additional tools to deliver more effective and engaging lessons, including AI-generated discussion prompts and insights into common learner misunderstandings.

Finally, My Interview Coach aids learners in preparing for job interviews by providing customized job questions, enabling self-recorded video responses, and offering scores and detailed feedback to enhance interview performance and confidence.

Through these innovative AI Co-pilots, the Wadhwani Foundation aims to equip individuals with the skills and confidence necessary to thrive in today's competitive job market, fostering a workforce that is adaptable, resilient, and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

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