Truecaller Launches AI Call Scanner to Address the Rising Menace of Voice Cloning Frauds

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 30 May 2024

With AI-powered voice cloning technology becoming more accessible and persuasive, Truecaller is responding with a new scam-fighting tool. The famous caller ID app has announced the release of its pioneering AI Call Scanner, a function aimed to detect and report calls using synthesised voices, possibly safeguarding millions from complex frauds.

As AI technology progresses, the possibility of abuse increases. Criminals can now quickly clone voices using just a few seconds of audio, making it dangerously easy to imitate loved ones and exploit people's emotions. Recognizing this rising threat, Truecaller created the AI Call Scanner to offer consumers an added degree of safety.

How It Works:

When a user receives a dubious call, they may activate the AI Call Scanner with a simple tap.

The functionality captures a small sample of the caller's voice.

Truecaller's powerful AI model analyzes the voice, discovering distinguishing features between genuine human speech and AI-generated imitations.

The entire procedure takes only a few seconds, providing customers with nearly immediate results.

"The risks of AI voice scams are increasing at an alarming rate," said Alan Mamedi, Truecaller's CEO and co-founder. "We knew we had to act swiftly and decisively to stay ahead of this emerging threat."

Truecaller's AI Call Scanner, which is currently available for Android users in the United States and will soon be available in India and other key markets, is a significant step forward in the fight against increasingly sophisticated scams. Truecaller intends to further develop the technology, including an iOS release and potential integrations with other platforms and communication tools.

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