Trends In Architecture And Design

By Aveek Pal Chaudhuri Wednesday, 08 January 2020

New Year has brought a set of handpicked Architecture and Design Trends in Indian Architecture Consulting domain. These are the trends that are set according to the data and market analysis put in-forth by experts. For home decors, growing focus is on eco-friendly environment at home spaces and using materials which are not harmful to human health. Buildings are evolving from woods and bricks to cast iron and glass or steel. Smart homes are the new way of finding comfort.

Following are the trends for this year:

1. Trouble Free Luxuries

Peaceful Home environment with standard living conditions is what people are looking forward to. Increasing pollution is transmitting humans towards nature with homes decorated by soft fabrics and warm terra cotta earthenware for wooden frames.

2. Relaxing Neutrals

Home interior colors are getting selected on the basis of mind relaxation. The colors in demand are off whites, tinted grays, earthy ochres, and tactile beiges. Also, these colors are treated as soothers because its connection with nature and its authenticity.

3. Japanese Culture

With growing trends for soothing and calm homely environment, Japanese aesthetic holds a strong presence in architecture and design this year. Natural materials from Japan are instilling a feeling of purity, which is the center of the design style. Delicate floral patterns, natural motifs and natural materials in furnishings and lightings are the range of products opted by people.

4. Selection By Nature

Banana leaf is the way for everything: from having food to packaging. Botanical prints, lush greens, replications of wood grains and stone veinings for pillows, rugs and upholstery with decorations by flora and fauna motifs in homewares are the nature selections. Lighting with natural reflection from creative bases like metal and wood is creating buzz.

5. One Material

One material is enough for designers to create impactful interior. Used slim rammed earth bricks to clad are the choices made by designers.

6. Indoor and Outdoor Living Style

According to the American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey outdoor living space and roof decks were the fastest growing in-demand home features in the last few years.  Two balconies and expensive top floor deck with swimming pool is the choice made by people right now.

7.  Smart Home Technology

Smart is the new buzz for everything at the moment. From voice speaker like Amazon Echo or Google Home to lighting and heating or cooling everything has become smart. And for this, work for architects has become tough as they need to create spaces for wiring that is applicable for smart features at homes.

8. Home Flexibility Options

Nuclear family has become the norm in India in the last decade. Households are becoming diverse in nature for satisfying one person’s need. While one person is demanding a formal dining room another person is hoping to find a quite business place in the house itself. That is the reason why designers are focusing over uniform theme making, and materials on a regular basis.

9. All Generations Living Under One Roof

While nuclear family took in-charge of living styles, traditional living styles are not yet lost. Multi generation living is demanding designers to cater to the needs of housing with features that suit all generations.

10. Architecture For Small Scale Startups And Small Apartments

Be it for financial conditions or other specific needs, small apartments are in demand. The rise was in 2018 for office spaces and living. Now, the interest for small apartments has grown. Architects and designers making housing designs giving detailed attention on filling the house with basic housing requirements. It is a challenging task for the professionals.

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