Top tips to keep your business growing

By Tanuja A Akkannavar Friday, 13 September 2019


Today’s generation thinks that success is the ultimate goal of having any business, most of them set up business with a thought that it is the easiest way of earning money. To start a business one should be skilful, well prepared and strong enough to tackle any kind of situation. Pre-planning should be made very precisely with keeping all the factors in mind like capital investment, time, location and most importantly managing skills. If the start-ups are established with a smaller scale then it will help the founders in knowing customer needs and the things that require improvisation. In the beginning stage, foundation of the business has to be made strong and later it will lead to growth of business to accomplish objectives.

Following are some top tips to keep your business growing –

1. Know the Industry –

In the process of expanding any business, one has to be familiar with the changing trends of the respective industry. The availability of resources, fluctuation of rates, the changing demands of products and services and many of such factors have to be considered. By knowing the industry it will be easy to analyze the things that have to be changed to grow a business.

2. Know the Customers –

In any business, customers are the major reason for making it successful. So, to grow a business, the companies should know and understand their customers very well because customer feedbacks help you in improving the business. By understanding the requirements and needs of the customers a company can generate goods and services accordingly. Increasing the number of customers is also an important element in growing the business. If the customers are impressed by the services provided, they will remain constant. The repeat customers are the most trusted customers and their word of mouth can help you in growing the business and making it more stable.

3. Building Trust –

After understanding and meeting the needs of the customers the companies should build trust with the customers. It takes time to build loyalty with the customers and encourage them to buy your goods and services, the customers have to be satisfied with the goods and services provided. Once the trust is built the customer’s turns to be permanent and they repeatedly prefer your goods and services over others in the market.

4. Creativity –

Customers are always attracted to the things that look innovative or grab their attention. To grow business a firm has to be creative enough in many ways, the products and services should stand out unique from others. Today’s generation normally prefer things that present them different and better in every way, for example, the rapid growth in the use of mobiles. Every day a new mobile is launched and to stand stronger in the market, each time the brand has to come up with new products that address the customers’ urge to update their cell phones. Creativity also lies in improvising the old products by adding better and extra features to it also, approaching the customers should be creative that will turn their attention.

5. Networking/Marketing –

Today, social media is the most powerful medium for networking of any business. A proper marketing strategy has to be planned to promote the goods and services which will increase the demand and also the customers. Attending social events and seminars that will help in marketing of a company, hence, a strong network will help in growing the business.

6. Know your Competitors –

To grow a business a company has to be well aware of its competitors in the market and also, the types of service they provide to the customers. Customers are confused with the selection of products most of the times, and with the increase in competition every company comes out with different plans and schemes to attract the customers. Know about the goods and services provided by your competitors to the customers which will help you to present your products in a better way.

7. Provide Better Service –

The services provided to the customers are the major factor that instantly increases the demand for the products and number of customers. Today’s customer would look into instant availability and fast delivery of goods and services. Hence, providing goods and services that are high in demand can help in growing the business of a company.

The changing trends of the industry along with the shifting interests of the customers a company should always come up with new and creative ideas or concepts which increases their business. Reaching the customers and their satisfaction are two major factors in growing a business.

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