Top Tips and Tricks to Enhance Customer Engagement

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Thursday, 23 April 2020

Top Tips and Tricks to Enhance Customer EngagementTo navigate the business into a flourishing path, customer engagement is an obligatory option holding a prolific set of benefits. Knowing the customers more efficiently navigates the business to the next level by delivering customer-specific products and creates an individual yet exclusive identity of a business in the market. As per a study, effective customer engagement enhances the sale of products up to 60 percent. Every business, irrespective of its tenure in the market aims to indulge in innovative customer-oriented marketing strategies to create a big yet loyal client base.

This article highlights some of the important tricks which can benefit the organizations in obtaining a better and firm grip over the customers.

  • Ask for Customer Feedback: Interaction with the customers is very much essential as it not only specifies the requirements of the customers but also the areas the business should ponder maximum to get more fruitful results. It is necessary to show efforts and reach out to them through every possible channel.
  • Creation of Attractive Content: By creating engaging content a business highlights its products and services to its customers. Often referred to as an imperative marketing strategy content creation keeps the customers updated about the emerging trends and specifies how effectively the business is taking on new challenges to address the current market demand. Representing the features of products and services ensured by the business, content marketing drives the overall business growth by reaching out to a wide range of customers.
  • Customization of Marketing: With effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, the companies should try to deliver a more customer-specific interaction by taking information from the client database. A personalized marketing strategy will encourage the customers for better engagement with the business as they will feel the need to communicate and express in an effective way.
  • Marketing via Social Media Platforms: As the digital world thrives, people are more connected to each other via social media platforms. Channeling the marketing strategies to lure out more customers through social media can be considered as very effective as per the current scenario. Try to interact with them through social media platforms either by replying to their comments or by engaging in a two-way conversation as it will assure the customers that their opinions are vital for the organization.
  • Formation of the Client Advisory Board: Client Advisory Board or CAB consists of 10 to 12 members from the highly valued customer base for review and guidance. The CAB along with the business management team holds meetings to discuss the disadvantage and strength concerning the various products and propose ideas for quality enhancement of the products.
  • Emphasize Brand Recognition: Creating a brand is essential for every business because the customers don’t fallow a particular business or organization but the ‘brand’. By cultivating free trials for customers will help to lure out new customers for the business. Also organizing events for brand promotion will help in better and effective interaction with the customers in real-time.
  • Invest in Technology: Technological advancements are effective in creating an engaged client base. Research more into robotics and automation to ensure AI-enabled interaction with the customers. Try to reach out to the existing and newer customers through chatbots. For reaching a variety of customers at a wider level try to incorporate pop-ups and short videos in advertising.

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