Top Reasons Why You Should Invite an Inspirational Speaker to Your Company Gathering

By Team CR Thursday, 09 January 2020

Top Reasons Why You Should Invite an Inspirational Speaker to Your Company Gathering

Company events are effective avenues to improve employee engagement and productivity as they offer a much-needed break to de-stress and refresh your workforce’s tired mind and body. While most corporate gatherings are focused on fun and games, you may want to insert an element that will yield a longer-lasting positive result beyond a hearty laugh, such as inviting a reputable inspirational speaker to grace your event.

Whether you are readying your employees for change, pushing them to be more aggressive in attaining company goals, or simply encouraging them to be better, hiring credible inspirational speakers can help you do all these and more. If you are unconvinced, here are some of the things they bring to the table that may change your mind:

Support for Your Vision

While it may be hard to admit, there are times when your employees are more receptive to your message if they hear it from somebody else. If you have been trying to instill your vision to your team for a while to no avail, inviting a motivational speaker can help make your organization more open and responsive.

Experienced inspirational speakers help people look at things and ideas with fresh eyes. They encourage the audience to be more welcoming of change and the many opportunities that are available when they keep an open mind. These lessons are usually embedded in their life stories or anecdotes, which make them more memorable and impactful.

Encouragement and Motivation

The most evident difference between inspirational and technical speakers is their compelling stories. Expert resource persons talk about ideas and concepts, while motivational speakers share their own lives and success stories. Note that storytelling is arguably the most effective way to influence and motivate people.

Top speakers can communicate their own experiences in ways that will allow their listeners to connect what they have gone through to what is currently happening in the employees’ lives. Through the speaker’s story, your team can find encouragement and motivation to pursue their dreams and passion as they work in the company.


Engaging speakers can also evoke emotions needed to foster camaraderie and teamwork. They know how to make each person realize his or her role in the company and how each one’s part affects others.

Teamwork is a valuable lesson. When fully appreciated and applied, better harmony among your people leads to productivity and achievement of company goals.

Meaning and Purpose

Inspirational speakers can help your employees see the more profound meaning and purpose in everything they do. Employees who only see their work as a means to meet their financial needs will only exert just the right effort to receive their salaries. They cannot be counted on to contribute more than what is expected.

Once your employees realize the value of the work they do, not only in increasing the profit of the company but more importantly in improving the lives of their families and communities, they will work happily and more passionately. A talk from a powerful inspirational speaker may be the missing key to unleash your employees’ innate drive and enthusiasm to perform their duties well.

Inspiration is a significant component in business success, albeit commonly overlooked. Employees who are inspired are more creative, exert more effort, and persistent in pursuing goals. Help your team find inspiration by inviting a seasoned speaker to your next corporate gathering.

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