To Become a Fully Qualified Lawyer Via Distance Learning in Law?

By Consultantsreview Team Monday, 20 September 2021

To Become a Fully Qualified Lawyer Via Distance Learning in Law?A law degree is the most prestigious and well-established professional degree worldwide. Subsequently, the lawyer is also referred to as a fully qualified lawyer in the USA. It enables you to become a judge, as you have not only completed your law studies with the First State Examination, you have also completed a legal clerkship and then passed the Second State Examination.

There is no other way to become a lawyer, which is why everyone who wants to work as a lawyer and not just advise.

Distance learning law

Distance learning in law is possible. It can either be the law course itself, but it can also be a combined subject with a legal focus, for example business law. The distance learning course never ends with the First State Examination, it is structured completely differently and ends after 3 years or 6 full-time semesters with the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.). Then you can add the Master of Laws (LL.M.), with which all possibilities of this variant are completed.

The LL.M. However, it is not the same as the state examination and does not qualify you to practice as a lawyer. However, you can join a law firm in various positions or work in an advisory capacity in a company. Under certain circumstances, you can already have your bachelor's degree credits credited if you later switch to a face-to-face university and have to become a fully qualified lawyer there - in this way you do less work or, at best, you can even shorten your studies.

From the LL.M. to become a fully qualified lawyer?

There is currently no possibility of first completing an LL.M. degree and then becoming a fully qualified lawyer, for example by taking the state examination. The education system still sees fully qualified lawyers as a quality feature of the training path - therefore it is very unlikely that the LL.M. the opportunity is given to obtain the qualification for judicial office. The current aim is to maintain the fact that fully qualified lawyers from different professional fields meet on an equal footing and have the same educational background, even if they have been working in different areas of activity for many years. Because with the second state examination you can not only become a lawyer, but also, for example, notary, judge, etc.

If LL.M. graduates and fully qualified lawyers were to work in the same fields in the future, this professional homogeneity would no longer be possible.

Its simple to get a passing grade through cheating?

It's simple to get a passing grade through cheating?

Academic standards are very important in academic career. Universities have a policy of guaranteeing that material submitted by students is genuine, and we check for plagiarism using a well-established computerized monitoring system. Procedures are in place to escalate the situation if a student's contribution is deemed to be in violation of our rules and regulations (which may lead to disciplinary action being taken).

Job prospects and earning potential with a law degree

Even if you cannot take up a classic legal profession, you have some exciting opportunities with a Bachelor or Master of Laws:

Management consultant

A lawyer is welcome in management consulting, even with a bachelor's or master's degree. Lawyers in management consultancies often do not work legally, but mainly in the field of business. On average, you earn $ 69,899 gross there per year.

Business lawyer

As a business lawyer, you will work with various companies and take care of legal matters such as drafting employment contracts or tax payments. In addition to reviewing contracts, this often also includes processing credit inquiries or preparing legal proceedings. As a business lawyer, your average gross salary is $ 60,252 per year.


If distance learning is out of the question, for example because you don't want to do without the “classic” student life, you can also study law on site at many international universities. Many also offer the course without an NC. Law at a university in distance learning instead to study then makes much sense if you take the first and second state exam and want to work in traditional occupations in the sector, for example, as a lawyer or judge.

Alternative distance learning courses

Alternative distance learning courses

These distance learning courses could be of interest to you:

Business law

Business law is one of the most popular distance learning courses in law. You will complete this with an LL.B. or an LL.M. away. The course combines business administration (BWL) and law, so you will learn everything about business administration and accounting, but also everything about contract law, law of obligations and property law.

Business administration

Would you like to go into business anyway? Perhaps a distance learning course in Business administration is a good option for you. There you will learn everything about economics and will be prepared for a career in management. In addition to mathematics and statistics, you can also look forward to law and industrial and organizational psychology.

Frequently asked Questions

Can you study law by distance learning?

It is possible to study law at a distance, but as a rule you do not graduate with a state examination, but with a Bachelor or Master of Laws.

How long does it take to study law?

Depending on the university, motivation and subject, a law degree usually lasts between six and ten semesters.

Can you study law online?

Many universities offer an online degree in law or business law.


  • When it comes to distance learning law, it is important to organize your own time well.
  • As a rule, you will complete your studies with a Bachelor or Master of Laws.
  • Distance learning can cost you up to $ 14,000.
  • With an LL-B. or LL.M. There are many doors open to you for a career: especially in the private sector.

We hope this article has answered any questions you may have about studying law online. You can find more information on the internet on various platforms and also on “Law Mind” website. Besides, feel free to contact our staff for more information about LNAT admissions.

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