Tips to Conduct Effective Recruitment in the Post Pandemic World

By Rohan A T Wednesday, 14 October 2020

The world has been put to a standstill owing to the covid19 outbreak and the resulting lockdown. The world economy is going through one of its toughest times and businesses across the world have faced its repercussions. Recent estimates show that the economic impact due to covid19 is twice as bad as the financial crisis of 2009. Millions have lost their jobs and businesses across all the various verticals have laid off employees owing to the financial burden. With that being the case, some businesses are gearing up for the post-pandemic market and are trying to be busy in recruitment and fill their job vacancies with the best candidates out there in the job market. Recent trends also suggest that more businesses are set to follow this path and be heavily involved in recruiting talent. With that said, organizations should still be cautious about the financial aspect of recruitment and try to make the whole selection process as cost-effective as possible while at the same time not compromising the integrity of the process. The thing is that there are certain tips and tricks that businesses can adopt to conduct effective recruiting without breaking the bank in the post-pandemic and some of those techniques are given as follows.

  • The Importance of Technology: Well this is no obvious technique, yet many businesses across the industry lean on traditional methods of selection when it comes to recruiting new employees. The two biggest drawbacks of using traditional methods are that it is not generally cost-effective and it is very time-consuming more than often. Leaning towards the various HR technologies to manage the selection process will make the whole process of recruiting hassle-free. By using technology, businesses can also eliminate unwanted human errors and can reduce bias to a minimum.
  • Going Digital: As mentioned in the first point, most businesses still try to recruit employees using traditional methods and this is not an effective way to carry on the recruitment process in the post-pandemic market. The increase of internet penetration and an increase in digital literacy has opened new alleyways for businesses to identify and acquire the ideal candidate. So, it is important that your business should explore digital mediums such as job portals or applications to recruit employees and the low cost of going digital can be seen as an added bonus.
  • Prioritize on Hiring Versatile Candidates: Hiring candidates just to fill in a specific job position has its own benefits but the lack of flexibility of a candidate can make it hard for companies in the post-pandemic market where you will need to be flexible and agile to survive in the industry. So, businesses should give importance to recruit candidates who are versatile and who if needed can be used as a backup for multiple job positions. This will also bring in various monetary advantages for the company too.  
  • Having a Fool-Proof Recruitment Plan: This is by far, one of the most important and essential tips to conduct effective recruitment in the post-pandemic world. Companies should have a clear understanding of what positions need recruiting, what kind of candidates are they going to hire and the mediums through which the company will be carrying on the selection process. This detailed framework will help businesses to have a clear guideline to follow and by doing that avoid unnecessary potholes.

Each and every company has faced the wrath of the pandemic and the importance of having the right employees cannot be stressed enough now. With businesses aiming to bounce back from the slump in the economy, having the right personnel can make a huge difference. So, these above-mentioned tips will help companies to conduct recruitment in the best possible way in the post-pandemic world.

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