The Top 6 Real Estate CRM Platforms for Managing Customers

By Team CR Tuesday, 21 July 2020

The Top 6 Real Estate CRM Platforms for Managing Customers

The world of real estate is filled with a number of challenges since this is a high priority product that one is trying to sell. This product also comes with a very high price tag that one has to be able to afford and usually, there is a gap between a want and what one can afford. This is where a number of tools step in when it comes to closing the gap and helping customers go for the option that would either be midway or allow them to stretch their resources a little so that they can close in on the property of their dreams. So how can a real estate agent, developer or even a broker do all this and more even as he or she takes the time out to understand each need of each customer so that a conversion may be that much closer?

While this head scratching challenge and question may make many say that there is no solution, the reality is anything but. The solution is a simple one that would solve a number of problems in terms of reach, engagement and finally a precious conversion. This is called real estate CRM or a CRM system that is specifically built for the real estate industry. In many cases, there are superior CRM platforms that can be tweaked and used for real estate agents, developers and brokers. These powerful systems carry out a number of tasks and you can find many free real estate CRM platforms as well. Before we delve into these, let us cast a glance on what kind of problems your real estate CRM is supposed to solve for you and your small business, in particular:

  • Productivity: This is one of the major problems being faced by most professionals and businesses especially in the space of small businesses and the large marketplaces where they are left to their own devices to hunt for their ideal audience. This can easily hamper one’s productivity. Ideally, a good way to go about this would be to lessen one’s tasks and to automate the tasks that require too much time and energy. This should be measured in terms of the contribution of that task when it comes to a quick conversion. Therefore, the core tasks that go with the core skills of the team members should be retained while other tasks like sifting through the information to decide who has to be reached from an audience segment can be automated. This can be handled by the real estate CRM.
  • Collaborations: In any real estate deal, there are a number of people who are involved. The developer and the agent as well as the mortgage or the financing unit would be involved with the parties who would draw up the paperwork for the buyer and the seller. The real estate CRM would have to make the basis for these collaborations to happen in an automated manner so that the notifications go out at the right and they reach the right people. This would require customized integrations so that the system can work well and seamlessly.
  • Leads: This simple word makes all the difference when it comes to free real estate CRM. In real estate, your conversion rate as well as your reputation widely depends on the quality of the leads that you generate. Yet, with the big data in the digital world today, it would be difficult to find and sift through all the information that can help us narrow down the correct leads. Luckily, with the right real estate CRM in place, you can do this more easily and in an automated manner. The nurturing of these leads can also happen in a targeted way so that you finally engage with the leads that would help you get a conversion and raise the rate and quality of your conversions as well. Further, when you generate leads using the free real estate CRM system, you are also ensuring that these leads remain yours for an up-sell and a future conversion.

Apart from all of these above, there are a number of other things that your CRM software should do for you when it comes to your real estate business. Here are the top 6 softwares or platforms that can help you with real estate CRM:

EngageBay: This would be one of the top picks in the real estate CRM segment since you can customize it for any industry and even for your specific needs within the same industry. You can also tap into their constant support at any time and make use of their many affordable plans and features so that you can get the best deal for your precious marketing bucks.

Bitrix24: This is also a CRM platform that can help you reach your target audience with a number of features including lead generation and email marketing.

PipeDrive: This is one of the best known CRM platforms that can help your real estate CRM framework with an email marketing campaign and related features.

Insightly: Insightly is another well known name in the market, yet it does not have all the features that you can get with other platforms like Engage Bay and more. This platform can help you automate your efforts when it comes to email and landing pages as well.

Sugar CRM: This is a new and upcoming CRM platform that can help you reach your marketing and conversion goals with ease thanks to its many lead generation features.

Zoho CRM: Zoho CRM is also an upcoming name that can make your real estate CRM needs a reality thanks to the many features that it offers in terms of targeted campaigns and email marketing reach that trickles down to better collaboration and more productivity for the team.

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