The Strategic Role Of Digital Consultants In The Growth Of Startups And SMEs

By Aveek Pal Chaudhuri Friday, 23 August 2019

Any person can have a plethora of industry knowledge over important segments like sales and marketing, finance, legality, operations, technicality, but it takes overcoming series of chaotic challenges to establish a successful business. At present, there are many entrepreneurs around the world that are toiling in tough competitions due to lack of exposure to the digital world, as digital presence is a must for succeeding nowadays.

It is not a mountaineering task to familiarize with the tricks and spells of making a triumphant entry in the digital world. There are many digital consultants that have already guided startups and SMEs across various verticals in gaining repute in the large scale business domains. The digital consultants are the ones that can guide the entrepreneurs to generate website traffic and sales. The areas in which a digital consultant helps are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Paid Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. While SEO helps in securing a good position in the web search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and others through organic marketing, Paid Media Marketing involves pay-per-click advertisements, content branding, and website advertisements through videos, texts, and images. On the other hand, Social Media is one of the most important platforms that help any business to grow its social media presence through inbuilt Social Media Marketing tools.

But without proper guidance, it is nearly impossible to crack the terminologies of making impactful digital marketing, for which digital consultants are needed. An indigenously skilled digital consultant can transform a business’s online presence through strategic business plans. Strategic business plans include analyzing the present business condition and highlighting the main product or service. In strategic business planning, a digital consultant also scrutinizes the facts which are making business growth slow or reversing the business growth and does enough market research to improve customer presence.

The role of a digital consultant continues to be beneficial even when the business has made its successful digital presence. Digital consultants help in selling the products through unique selling propositions at market-relevant prices. After that, the digital consultant helps to expand the business in international markets. This is one of the biggest steps taken by digital consultants in helping any business. Through uniform ups and downs and struggles, they cater to the need of branding of products and services.

It is evident from worldwide successful businesses that digital consultants have helped in creating precious brand recognition with perfect executions of digital strategies. It has been possible because digital consultants use tools like online advertising return of investment calculator, text analysis tools, website management tools, keyword research tools, IP tools, SEO backlink tools, domain tools, image tools, website checker tools to analyze contents for online promotion. In addition, there are other important tools like Google Analytics for acquiring information about website performance and SumoMe for tracking customer behavior. Google Keyword Planner is another ever-important tool that checks the potentiality of keywords.

While using the online tools, the digital consultants have ardently gained experience in promoting the digital presence of businesses and they will always be the key players for startups and SMEs.

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